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Officer Callicutt

Hi Patriots Elementary Redhawks and Families!

Since my first day of school at Patriots Elementary I have learned so much. One of the first things that I learned about was the “Gingerbread Man.” The new kindergartners were walking around the school searching for him as they learned their way around their new school so I just fell right in behind them. Little did they know I was lost too. Since that first week I have watched the kindergartners grow into the daily routine and become part of the school. I have grown so attached to all the kids at the school and I’m going to have a hard time watching the fifth graders leave at the end of the year and go to middle school.

I guess the most refreshing thing for me coming into an Elementary School as a new School Resource Officer was how quickly the kids accepted me. It’s kind of nice for a Police Officer to walk into a job every day and not be hated and the kids are always happy to see anyone who truly wants to work with them. So I guess in short I’m trying to say that I probably have one of the best jobs around and thank you for the opportunity to protect and teach your children. I will offer tips each month on safety issues for your children and I hope they help.

Thank you again for your support and if I can do anything to assist you feel free to contact me.

Safety Tips

  • If your child is home alone for any amount of time before or after school consider the following:
    1. Be sure that your child has access to a telephone and knows who to call and what information to give in case of an emergency
    2. Be sure your child knows their address and telephone number
    3. Practice with your child what to do in case of a fire, intruder or even if someone rings the doorbell. Your reaction and what you think your child’s reaction will be may be totally different and you won’t know unless you go through the scenarios with your child.
    4. Explain to your child what happens when they dial 911. Explain to them if they dial 911 and hang up the telephone the Emergency Communications Center will try to call them back. If no one answers they will send a uniformed law enforcement officer to the address to check on them if the address can be verified.
    5. Please explain to your child that they are not in trouble if someone calls them back or a Law Enforcement Officer comes to check on them. Law Enforcements first concern is the safety of your child.
Last Modified on January 29, 2015