Goals for the 2022-2023 school year are coming soon!
    Meeting dates below are correct for the 2022-2023 school year.
    2021-2022 School Improvement Plan Goals
    School Improvement Team Meeting Dates:
    Summer SIT Meeting: August 1 at 9:00 am
    September 19th at 3:20 pm
    October 24th at 3:20 pm
    November 28th at 3:20
    December 19th at 3:20
    January 30th at 3:20
    February 27th at 3:20
    March 20th at 3:20
    April 24th at 3:20
    May 22nd at 3:20 
    School Improvement Team Members
    Ashley Eller, SIT Chair
    Melody Marsh, Principal
    Krista Johnston, Assistant Principal
    Jenna Rossi, Assistant Principal
    Jessie Gatling, SRO
    Malikha Gayles, Kindergarten
    Alessandra Mulhearn, First Grade
    , Second Grade
    Carrie Rufty, Third Grade
    , Fourth Grade
    Lauryn Kain, Fifth Grade
    Melissa Ball, Sixth Grade
    Kimberly Hines, Seventh Grade
    Heather Pichette-Malenke, Encore
    Kelly Ehmke, ESL
    Kimberly Martin, AIG
    Christina Litaker, EC
    Tiffany Coubal, Cafeteria Manager
    Janet Burris, Teacher Assistant
    Jolene Hodges, Parent
    Aly Luna, Parent

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