What is Juniorettes????

  • Juniorettes is a service club for high school girls. We meet once a month to plan/implement community service activites, as well as fun get togethers.  We are sponsored by the Kannapolis Junior Womens Club and the General Womens Federation Club-NC.  
    -Juniorette applications will availbale around the 1st of Septemeber. They will be in a folder located outside of Mrs Jackson's classroom D116.

    The Junior Pledge was written in 1916 by Helen Cheney Kimberly of California, and was adopted in 1930 at the GFWC Convention as the National Junior Pledge.

    I pledge my loyalty to the Junior Club Women,

    By doing better than ever before what work I have to do.

    By being prompt, honest, courteous,

    By living each day, trying to accomplish something, not merely to exist.