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    Welcome to the 2021-2022 Concord Middle School Student Council Page!

    Here at Concord Middle School we are striving to better not only ourselves and our school, but also the surrounding community! With these goals in mind, we need energetic, creative, and responsible people who want to develop their skills as leaders. In order to participate in Student Council, you will be required to remain in good standing both academically and behaviorally. Students who wish to be a member of Student Council will need to complete this application.  Student Council meetings will take place on the first Friday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in Room 638. Executive Board members will be elected by the student body to serve as officers and ambassadors of the school. Executive Board Positions include: President (8th grade only), Vice President (7th or 8th grade only), and Secretary (7th or 8th grade only).

    Academic Expectations:
    -Maintain a grade of C or higher in ALL classes.
    If a class grade drops below a C for a quarter, student will be placed on probation. If a class grade remains below a C at the end of the semester, student will be removed from Student Council.

    Behavior Expectations:
    -No ISS or OSS
    -No more than 1 major referral
    If a student receives ISS, OSS, or more than 1 major referral, he/she will be removed from Student Council.

    Why would you want to be in on Student Council?
    We are the leaders of Concord Middle School - helping to take care of the school, planning student activities to get our peers excited about our school, and having fun while we do it!

    Student Council members are responsible for:
    -Planning and Working All Dances
    -Leading Pep Rallies
    -Organizing Fundraisers
    -Pumping Up Spirit Weeks
    -Becoming Student Ambassadors
    BUT… we are always excited for new ideas to help better our school!

    We also will have:
    -Team-Building Activities
    -Community Outreach Opportunities

    Please know, there is an expectation to set-up, tear down, and work all Student Council dances and participate in ALL spirit weeks!  

    Please contact Mrs. Shoe if you have any question, comments, or concerns:



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