Mrs. Kelly Carter-Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP)

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Masters of Speech-language PathologyBachelors of Communications and Sciences Disorders

Mrs. Kelly Carter-Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP)

Welcome to Speech!
My name is Kelly Carter and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist at Rocky River Elementary School. I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. This is my sixth year with Cabarrus County Schools and I am loving building relationships with the faculty, families and my students at the Rock!
Speech-Language Services in the school setting are provided to help children be successful communicators in the classroom environment. This includes: properly saying sounds so speech is easier to understand, improving the ability to better understand classroom instruction/better express thoughts and ideas and increasing fluent speech so speech is smoother and easier to understand.
Instruction is geared towards those skills that can best help your child participate in their classroom environment. Instruction may be provided in the environment that best fits each individual students needs; in the speech room or in the child's classroom.
If you are concerned about your child's speech contact your child's teacher to see if a speech referral is needed.
***********************Recent Update*********************************

Hi Parents,

I hope you and your families are adjusting and doing well! I know many of you may be wondering about speech therapy and how you can help your child with their speech-language skills at home. Make it fun and functional!

Speech Sounds: If your child has certain speech sounds that they have been working on focus on having them practice those sounds when playing a game, reading a book or at the dinner table. Maybe take 5-10 minutes each day and model the sound and then have them try to say it back. 

What about my Childs Language goals?

Language goals can also be fun and functional. When your child is watching a TV show or reading a story pause throughout to check their understanding ask them questions such as the following:


Where are they?

Why are/does....?

How will they.....?

When did they....?

What is the main point of the show/book?

Do you remember the time that you/we....?


Sequencing: Have your child retell a part of a movie or tv show from beginning to end and help them where you see needed. 


Grammar: When your child is speaking or engaging in any of the activities above correct any words that they may use incorrectly. For example "her ate" it" would be "she ate it" or "they throwed the ball too far" would be "they threw the ball too far". Parents/caregivers, you all are great models! 


Following Directions: When cleaning/organizing the house or when playing with doll houses, cars/bridges have your child follow directions or follow your Childs lead and verbally label spatial concepts: under, over, behind, beside.  Have your child tell you where certain things are in the house, for example: Where is the dish soap? "under the sink" etc. 


Fluency/Stuttering: Remind your child to use the fluency strategies we have worked on to help with the "bumps": belly breathing, cancellations and pull outs, this is when your child uses the "H sound before speaking. Cancellations is when your child stutters and is reminded to stop, go back and use the "H" sound to repeat what they just said.

Just 5-10 minutes daily or even a couple days out of the week will help your child continue to work on their speech-language skills while at home! 

Remember give your child lots of praise for their hard work, they deserve it!! 

Kelly Carter MS CCC-SLP 

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