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    Carl A. Furr Day Treatment


    Carl A. Furr Day Treatment is a highly individualized treatment option for children grades K-5, who have social, emotional and behavioral problems that create challenges for them in traditional classroom settings due to their mental health needs.  Our highly qualified behavioral health staff help children self-regulate by teaching them social skills, coping skills and anger management strategies.  A Licensed Exceptional Children’s teacher and teacher assistant work one on one with children based on their individual academic needs.

    Students in this program receive individual, group and/or family therapy, therapeutic recreation, stress management, and more.  Developing meaningful relationships between the adults and children is a focal point of the program. 

    Carl A. Furr Day Treatment is a program of Alexander Youth Network, the leader in children’s behavioral healthcare in the North Carolina.  Alexander serves more than 7,000 children annually with a complete array of mental health services and is one of only four flagship agencies of the Child Trauma Academy, which  offers a unique trauma-informed approach to treating children called the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics™ also known as NMT.  Learn more at www.alexanderyouthnetwork.org.

    Furr Day Treatment is located at Carl A. Furr Elementary School (2725 Clover Road Northwest, Concord, NC 28027).  Call Debbie Buie (EC Social worker) at 813-928-3437 for information on the referral process.  


  • Patricia Scola- Day Treatment Teacher
    Amber Bullock- Alexander Youth Network Day Treatment Program Manager
    Alestine Murray- Alexander Youth Network Mental Health Clinician
    Ashley Worley- Alexander Youth Network Therapist 
    Chris Andujar- Day Treatment Teacher Assistant 
    Debbie Buie- Exceptional Children Social Worker
    Contact Debbie Buie,  deborah.buie@cabarrus.k12.nc.us, 813-928-3437 for more information regarding day treatment