The third annual Digital Learning Day was held on February 5th. This is a day when thousands of educators across the country pledge to try new ways of using digital learning in their classrooms. On this day we challenged our teachers to do something new with their students using technology. Here you will find pictures of our students participating in DLDay and some of their finished products.

Ms. Cawley's Class

  • Ms. Cawley's students read science articles and summarized them. They used the Tellagami iPad app to create animated videos with their summaries. Below is one of their "Gamis."


Ms. Wojenski's Class

  • Ms. Wojenski's students also used the Tellagami app to create animated videos.

Mrs. Keith's Class

  • Mrs. Keith's 4th grade students used Discover Education's Board Builder to create online collages about Day and Night. Be sure to check back to see one!
    Day and Night  

Ms. Mizera's Class

  • Ms. Mizera's 1st grade students are creating a digital book with the use of iMovie. They are almost done, so be sure to check back for their finished product!

Mrs. Boteilho's Class

  • Mrs. Boteilho's 1st grade students are creating a digital storybook. Be sure to check back to see their finished product.

Mrs. Baute's Class

  • Mrs. Baute's 1st grade students wrote and illustrated a class book titled, If You Give a Mouse a Mansion. They then creatively turned this into a digital storybook using the pictures and recording their voices.

Mr. Taylor's Class

  • Mr. Taylor's 4th grade students used LearnZillion during ELA for reflection.

Ms. Waddington's Class

  • Ms. Waddington's 4th grade students are finishing up their WWII novels. They are creating online posters using Discovery Education's Board Builder about these novels. Be sure to check back to see one for yourself!
    Board Builder

Mrs. Custer's Class

  • Mrs. Custer's 5th grade students began researching engineering careers in preparation for our upcoming Engineering Week. They will be sharing their findings by creating tri-folds and presenting on our morning news program.

Mrs. Spencer's Class

  • Mrs. Spencer's 3rd grade AIG students are learning about poetry. They began working on Cinquain Power Points.

Mrs. Lee's Class

  • Mrs. Lee's 2nd grade students used the Toontastic app to design a character who will be competing in the winter Olympics, focusing on the setting.

Mrs. Pace's Class

  • Mrs. Pace's 2nd grade students used iPods to review their curriculum.

Mrs. Hill's Class

  • Mrs. Hill's kindergarten students took pictures of 3D shapes. They are working on putting these into iMovie. Check back to see their 3D movie!


Mrs. Pasvankas' Class

  • Mrs. Pasvankas' 4th grade students used LearnZillion to learn ELA concepts aligned with the Common Core. The students watched videos on a variety of reading and writing topics and summarized key points for each.

Ms. Williams' Class

  • Ms. Williams' 2nd grade students used laptops while completing an interactive Problem Based Learning lesson on wind turbines.



  • Our students in the Kids:Plus after school program were allowed to bring electronics to use during their structured technology time.