Club Description

  • Welcome to the Student Council page at Cox Mill High School!
    Student Council Advisor: Ms. Duncan
    The information below details the organization at Cox Mill High School and provides additional information for those in or wishing to be a member of the Student Council.  See the listing below for current Student Council members. 
    Student Council Organization:
    The Cox Mill High School Student Council will be made up of no more than 50 students selected from grades 9-11.  Students will be SELECTED to run for office on the basis of the application process, then officially elected by the CMHS student body.  
    The CMHS Student Council will hold regular afternoon meetings once a month.  Attendance at these meetings is mandatory.  In addition to these meetings, there may be additional committee meetings that will also be mandatory. Student Council members are also required to attend all after school events we create throughout the school; this includes the semester you are not in Leadership Class.
    Requirements for Membership:
    Members of Cox Mill High School Student Council must maintain high standards of scholarship and citizenship.  Any student who falls below a 3.0 GPA will face a possible suspension from the Council.  Any student who receives a disciplinary referral during the year will also face a possible suspension from the Council.  A student may be expelled from the Council for the remainder of the year for serious problems with grades or behavior.

Student Council Officers

  •  Congratulations to our NEW 2017-2018 Student Council!
    Student Body President: Jack LaMarche
    Senior Class: 
    President: Matt Castles
    Vice President: Jessica Kimes
    Secretary: Alex Reed
    Historian: Matt Alderfer
    Treasurer: Allyson Finley



    Junior Class:
    President: Margaret LaMarche
    Vice President: MaKenna McGough
    Secretary: Lindsay Weber
    Historian: Makenzie Kimes
    Treasurer: Olivia Porto
    Sophomore Class:
    President: Mackenzie Foster
    Vice President:  Mallory Holland, Harshita Gudi - Pudi (co-officers)
    Secretary: Ryan Crowell, Shania Mastan (co- officers)
    Historian:  Zoe Feil, Mackenzie Jackson (co-officers)
    Treasurer: Sejal Rai, Nandika Komirisetti (co- officers)

Important Annoucements

    Application: 2018-2019 Application - print out/complete this application in it's entirety by February 14th, 2018. Turn in hard copy to Miss Duncan in room 2307 - Be aware that applying does not grant admission. If accepted - you are accepted to CAMPAIGN for a spot. Your acceptance by judges does not grant you a spot on council, you must also win the campaign against your fellow members. Also note that any student that is placed into a role in student council will also be placed in Leadership (your student council application will not be accepted if you do not submit a leadership application as well).