• CCHS Registration 2023/2024: 

    23/24 Schedule distribution- (Updated 6/5/23). 

    REGISTRATION for 23/24 classes- Counselors are working on building and completing schedules.

    Next step: CCHS rising seniors will receive their 23/24 schedule in homeroom on May 10th.  On the back side will be information and directions in case a student wishes to make a schedule change.

    Rising juniors and sophomores will receive their schedules in Homeroom on May 17th and can request changes at that time.

    Rising 9th graders will receive their schedules from their middle school counselor sometime after May 30.

    Watch your email and Canvas inbox for updates and directions. 


    • STUDENTS NEEDING TO MAKE A SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST due to an error in their schedule must make that request online HERE.

    • RISING SENIORS WISHING TO FLEX or be a mid-year graduate must complete that request online HERE

      The FLEX application will close on TUE 5/23 at 9am. Get your request in NOW!!!

    6/2/23 Schedule Change request UPDATE:
    the online Schedule Change request form will CLOSE on Thursday June 8 at 10am. PLEASE get your change request submitted if you have not done so already. 

    Counselors have received over 300 requests and will work on responding to each and every one. Be sure to watch your school email for more communication about that. Please be patient. Counselors plan to take time to address all changes with the attention that is needed. Sending followup emails will not speed up our work.

    (The above video will be shown in HOMEROOM on 2/1/23. Can also be seen HERE.)

    This site is also available at http://bit.ly/CCHSregistration )

    It's hard to believe that it's already time to select classes for next year. This is an exciting time as you plan for the next step in your High School career. Be sure to utilize the information on the tabs on the left. This information, as well as the input of teachers, counselors and your parents can help you get the most out of your courses here at CCHS.

    Four Steps of Registration:

    • Step 1- Review course options in the Registration folder for 2023/2024 at CCHS (given to all students in 2/1/23 Homeroom).
    • Step 2- Review videos with helpful information about classes and requirements.
      • Finalize your list of courses you want to take next year.
    • Step 3- Login to POWERSCHOOL and select and submit course requests for 23/24 by February 8 at 2pm.
      • See a video HERE on how to do that.
      • Any of your teachers can help you login to Powerschool if you need help.
      • CCHS Counselors will be in the Cafeteria during 3rd period on February 6-8 for questions if you want to see them.
      • Students- please complete the Online/Virtual Course Survey for us HERE.
    • Step 4- Plan to attend your 1:1 meeting with a CCHS Counselor (watch your email for details). 
                     -See Calendar HERE for dates and classes when Counselors will be seeing students.


    Registration Process

    Homeroom on February 1, 2023 will begin the registration process for the 2023-2024 school year. Parents are encouraged to talk with their student and explore all the course options available at CCHS. Once students have selected twelve courses (that usually include English, Math, Science, History courses, 4 electives and 4 alternates), they will make their Registration requests online in POWERSCHOOL. Counselors will meet with all students to review course requests to ensure accurate choices. 
    See the timeline (on the left tab) for more details.

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