Cabarrus County Schools Paperless Progress Reports and Report Cards


    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Cox Mill High School will be piloting Cabarrus County School’s paperless progress reports and report cards. We will begin this the 2nd 9 weeks of this school year. Parents with internet access can access the Parent Portal 24/7 to view assignments, grades, and attendance. Internet access will also be available at the school during school hours and at the public library. If you do not have internet access and require a paper copy, please let us know.

    Electronic “Progress Reports” are available daily and quarterly in the Parent Portal. In addition, you can set up your Parent Portal to email your student’s progress on a daily, weekly, every two weeks or monthly basis. 9 week averages and semester/year final averages can be accessed on or, in some instances, before the same dates as paper report cards: 2nd 9 weeks – 1/27, 3rd 9 weeks – 4/7, 4th 9 weeks – 6/25.

    We are excited about the process as it provides easy, on-going communication about your child’s performance. If you have any questions, please visit the Resources tab, PowerSchool Information section, on the Cox Mill High School web site.