Cabarrus County Schools’ attendance policy is explained in detail at the CCS website.

    Students must be at school for at least half of the day (3.5 hours) in order to be counted present for the day. Students having appointments with doctors or dentists are encouraged to return to school after these appointments.

    The principal may withhold credit for students who accumulate 20 or more absences in a class during the course of the school year. Parents will be notified by mail when students accumulate six, ten, and fifteen absences during the school year.


    Students who have been absent from school must have their parent/guardian complete the online absence from. in additional to the online form, doctor's note for illness or injury, medical appointments can be turned in to the Student Services office. All absences will be considered unexcused unless the online Absence Form is filled out.

    Students, who are absent, whether the absence is lawful or unlawful, have the opportunity and the responsibility to make up missed work. The student should make arrangements with the teacher on the day he/she returns to school to complete this work within a three day period. Students with extended illnesses will be granted additional make up time. Students who are absent or who know they will be absent for a period of less than three days should ask a friend or classmate to get their assignments. Students absent for a longer period of time should call the school office and the assignments will be secured from individual teachers. We ask that the student be absent for a period of at least three days before calling for assignments.

    Students can apply for absences to be excused for educational absences by submitting an Educational Opportunity Form to the principal. Forms must be submitted be fore the missed day and be completely filled out.


    To help insure a quality instructional program, all of our students must be in class on time. The staff of Harris Road Middle School has adopted the following Tardy Policy.

    Students who are tardy to school must always check in at the office first. Tardies will be determined as excused or unexcused according to the state attendance policy (see attendance policy). Tardies will be tracked for each semester (½ year). Students will start each semester with a "clean slate".

    Students who are late to school or class habitually may receive ISS (In-School Suspension).

Last Modified on February 12, 2016