Mrs. Catherine Reyolds

Phone: 704-786-4121


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors- University of FloridaPost baccalaureate - Worcester State Masters (in progress)- East Carolina

Mrs. Catherine Reyolds

I am originally from Houston, Texas.  Upon graduating high school, my parents moved to Florida, because of this move I attended the University of Florida, Go Gators!!! My degree is Health Science Education, I participated in all three prongs of Health Ed. (Community, corporate wellness and school health). My husband and I met at the University of Florida. 
We lived in Massachusetts for two years (I am not meant for cold, cold weather).  My husband is from this area and we moved there after graduation
We have two children, one of whom, is going into the 12th grader and the other is going into the 7th grade. They were both born in Concord and are proud North Carolinians!
I worked for the University of Florida as a Health Education Coordinator for over 800 employees for a year.  I then worked at the Health Department in Ocala for another year.  When we moved to Massachusetts I worked for a Community Outreach Center.  
I loved working with teens the best so decided to go into teaching and take the Praxis for Health. I worked several years subbing all over Cabarrus County and coached track at Northwest High School.  I was thrilled when this position came open and have now been here for 4 years.
This year I will be teaching something brand new to me and to the students.  It will involve health but in a new and exciting way.  We will be taking different aspects of health, applying it to international areas and creating products from these investigations.  I am so excited to start this new adventure with you and your Miner student. 
I love teaching Health to middle schoolers!!!  They are at a special time in their lives and need to be surrounded by people that understand and accept this about them.  I remember middle school all to well and know that I was blessed with teachers, who understood me and guided me in the right direction.  My goal is to be that teacher for our Miner children.
If you would like to contact me it is best to do this via email. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • The first week of school is a very busy time for all students.  The 6th graders are learning the ropes of middle school.  The 7th graders are excited not to be in 6th grade and are realizing they are half way to high school.  The 8th graders are the official rulers of the school and are looked up to by all!!!!!
    Encore will be on A/B day schedule and it will rotate everyday throughout the year.  They will 80 minute classes, which gives plenty of time to get things accomplished and have fun doing it.
    The students will be learning the classroom expectations and procedures for Health and Wellness. There will be a handout for you to sign and send back to me.  Please ask your child for the form.
    I am so excited to have fun with our kids in Health this year.
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