• NHS Club Advisor- Mrs. Brandi Lackey

    Juniors and Seniors are invited to become members of the Hickory Ridge High School National Honor Society if they have a  4.25 GPA ,  have a clean discipline record,  and exhibit qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor and a responsibility. Students will be expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in service projects.  We are very proud of our students. Congratulations NHS members.    

    Invitations for NHS for the 2019-2020 school year are being distributed September 23- September 26.  If you believe you did not receive an invitation by error, please see Mrs. Lackey in room 413.  Return the purple slip with your $10 dues by October 15th; fees can also be paid online using the online payment system linked on the HRHS Homepage.  If being invited for the first time, there is also a link to RSVP to the Beta Club and NHS Inductions at www.tinyurl.com/HRHS2019Inductions.  Inductions will be held November 7th, 2019 at 1:15pm.  Parents are welcome to attend inductions and should be included on the RSVP; if you do not RSVP in advance, you will need to sign in through the front office using your lisence before being admitted to inductions.  A small reception will follow inductions.

    To remain a member of NHS, students should:
    1. Maintain a GPA of 4.25 or higher
    2. Keep a clean discipline record
    3. Attend monthly meetings
    4. Participate in the 7 service projects throughout the year (they can miss one)
    Remind 101: Text # 81010 message @fk8b38
    Meeting Date for all members (including inductees): October 18th in the Media Center After School
    Service Projects- Peer Tutoring every Thursday this month, Materials/ Volunteers for Inductions and Teacher Supplies for HRHS       
    Meeting Date: November 15th in the Media Center After School


    Meeting: December 4th

    Service Projects- Peer Tutoring every Thursday this month,

    Food Drive for Harrisburg Food Pantry  


    Meeting: No Meeting due to exams

    Service Projects- Peer Tutoring every Thursday this month, No other projects due to exams


    Meeting: Feb 7th in Cafeteria after school

    Service Projects- CVAN Collection, Registration Helper Feb 7 & 14 (Sign up by 2/6)


    Meeting:No meeting due to the early project deadline.

    Service Projects- Stop Hunger Drive: Bring in 5 canned goods or donate at https://p2p.onecause.com/shmetrolina/hickory-ridge where $1=7 lbs of food.  Cans should be turned in to Lackey and if donating online, you should still sign the clipboard for me to check the donation list.  If you bring in more than 5 cans or donate more than $5, you will be entered in a drawing to win prizes through student council.  Everything should be turned in by March 13th.


    Meeting:April 3 in Cafeteria After School

    Service Projects- Due April 20-24th  A card (can be homemade) and gift card (at least $5 from Dunkin, Starbucks, QT) for local First Responders.  Apprectiation weeks for Firefighters, Police, and EMS are the first 3 weeks in May.  We will be partnering with a local organization First Responders 1st to show them our thanks for supporting and keeping our community safe.

    April Project is cancelled.  Students are required to have 5 total for the year instead of 6.  If you already have 5, you are done for the year.  Any missing projects will be due in May.

    Any Juniors interested in running for an office next year should write a letter of intent to me including why they are running for an office and agree that you understand the responsibilities.  Check out the form for the responsibilities of each office.  Please email me your letters of intent and any questions you may have at brandi.lackey@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.  Please submit these to me by May 8th.  Update:  Officer elections will be done early in the fall semester.


    Meeting:May 1 in Cafeteria After School with Officer Electrons for 2020-2021 school year (Date to the rescheduled)

    Service Projects- If you have not completed 6 service projects this year, you will need to bring in a ream of copy paper to be distributed to HRHS teachers.  These will be due by May 15th.  

     ***If you do not have your 5 projects yet, send me a picture of you doing something for your community during this time while maintaining social distancing.  Some of you guys may be doing yard work for neighbors, shopping for elderly family/friends, helping with virtual school for other younger students, etc.  I would love to hear about what you are doing during this time.  I have been using my time in lockdown to sew masks and have already made 500 to date!  Make sure to include your name in the message, so I can mark you off even if you already have 5 projects.  If you need to know how many projects you have, message me to see if you need more.  Show our community that we are Bulls, we stand together in adversity, and NHS students truly care for others and have a heart for service!

    May project or make-up project.  Teacher appreciation week is May 4-May 8th.  Teachers are missing their students and this would be a great opportunity for you to reach out to your teachers to let them know you miss them too or they are appreciated.  Feel free to have fun with this!  Send them a letter, picture, virtual card, short video, etc.  Email it to them and CC or BCC me in the email and I will mark you down.


    ***Important for Seniors***

    Seniors who have completed their required projects for the year will be able to purchase graduation stoles for $12.  ALL payments must be made through the k-12 payment system under the fee code of NHS graduation stoles.  I would save a digital copy of your receipt or take a picture of it in case the database has not been updated as proof of purchase.  Due to school being out, we cannot accept cash or check.  Stole pick up for all clubs will be held at HRHS on May 26th and 27th from 10-12 each day.  You may also turn in any unneeded textbooks and materials at this time.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Last Modified on May 7, 2020