• Pencil"No one can tell your story so tell it yourself. No one can write your story so write it yourself." -Herminia Chow
    The Quill Club is made up of aspiring young authors, or anyone who enjoys writing and just wants to become a better writer.  As a member of the Quill Club, you will also represent Mavericks in writing competitions.
    Congratulations to our North Carolina state competition students for placing second in the western region! 
    Upcoming Meetings:
    We meet every Wednesday after school in room 601 (Ms. Zyks). Parents should pick you up at 5:00. Everyone is welcome to come!

    "A Secret to Hide"

    Quill Club Writers :Sanjana, Abby, William, Emily, Ria, Ben, Arianna, Mya, Kayla, Caitlyn


    I silently looked at the list of friends I wanted to invite to my party, not knowing who to choose. The clock was ticking, so I quickly grabbed my phone and invited the first few people on my list.

    “Raven, Kristina, Jess, Samantha, Rivera, Vanessa, and...ugh David,” I said, annoyed that I had to invite my younger brother to my party. “Whatever,” I thought. “I’ll have a good time with my friends anyway.”

    Suddenly I remembered the new kid, Luke. He was the guy in school that just stood off to the side looking lonely and uncomfortable.

             “I should invite him too,” I said to no one in particular. “He probably needs some friends after moving far from his home.” I sent Luke a text, asking if he wanted to come.  When he agreed to come, I gave him my address.

    I looked to my clock. “Well it’s eight now, so I have an hour before the party.” I quickly started to decorate the house with fake spiders and blood when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Luke.

    “Hey,” I said, surprised that he had showed up so early.

    “Hi, I got your text about the party.” He peered inside.

    “Where’s everyone else?”

    “Well, you’re the first one here,” I replied.

    “Oh,” he said. I was a bit confused.

    “How did you get here so fast?” I asked him curiously.

    “Oh, I was already in the neighborhood,” Luke replied. I couldn’t help but wonder why he was already in the neighborhood, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t question it.

              “Do you want to help me set up?” I asked.

              “Sure,” he said, coming inside.

    I took out my phone and texted everyone else to see if they could come as early as possible.

    Suddenly the light began to flicker, causing me to jump. I turned to see Luke next to the light switch. “Don’t scare me like that!” I said, laughing.

    “Sorry, but the look on your face was priceless!” Luke said, trying to contain his laughter, and failing terribly. I then heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened the door to see everyone else I had invited standing there.

    “Hey!” We all said at the same time. Then I heard someone running down the stairs. I turned to see my brother David, standing there in his underwear.

    “I thought the party wasn’t for an hour!” He yelled at me.

    “Well, they came early!” I yelled back. We all started laughing our heads off at the sight and he ran upstairs in embarrassment.

    “Nice decorations,” Raven said.

    “Thanks,” I said, quite proud of the effort I had put into making the house look good.

    “Well, we’re all here, let’s get this party started!” I turned on my Halloween party mix and after Ghostbusters, Thriller and This is Halloween played, the music suddenly stopped. “Hey! Who turned off the music?” I turned to my brother.

    “Hey it wasn’t me,” David said. For a few seconds, there was an awkward silence.

    “Hey, What time is it? My mom wanted to pick me up early,” Kristina said.

    “It’s 8:30,” Vanessa replied.

    “No, it’s 9:15,” Raven corrected.

    “Are you sure?” I said. “Because my clock says 8:45.”

    “Okay Skyler, the music stopping, now the clocks? This is so cliche, and NOT funny.” Vanessa said.

    “It’s not me!” I said, everyone becoming slightly frightened.

    All of us jumped as the lights flickered, I turn to Luke, but he’s nowhere near the light switch.

    “Come on, whoever's pulling this prank, it’s not funny!”

    “Okay, I'm scared, I'm gonna go wait outside for my mom.” said Raven.

    “Yeah, me too.” The others chorused

    They started picking up their stuff and heading out to the doorway,but only Raven and Kristina managed to get out when the door suddenly slammed shut.

    “What the...?” asked Jess.

    “Yea Skylar, what is going on!?! I know it's supposed to be a Halloween party but this is taking it a bit too far!” exclaimed Samantha.

    She yanked hard on the door but it wouldn't budge.  

    “Great now we're stuck in here,” sighed Vanessa.

    “Who's doing this?” asked Rivera hysterically.

    “What should we do?” David whined. Now everyone was looking at me.

    “Uh, we can call our parents?” I suggested.

    They all turned to look at the phone which was on the kitchen counter.

    “Let's hope it works!” Jess said, crossing her fingers.

    “Shhhhhh! Don't jinx it!” Samantha exclaimed.

    I reached across and picked up the phone, sighing when I saw that it had no connection.

    “Sorry guys, it's not working,” I said, grinning sheepishly, trying to assure them that everything was going to be okay,but that didn't work.

    “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??!!!” Rivera yelled, starting to hyperventilate. Everyone soon started yelling and screaming when the lights were flickering again. Then suddenly, the light went completely off, shutting them into darkness. Silence reigned, until Jess broke the silence.

    “Well, now what?”

    Vanessa spoke up. “How about we grab some flashlights?” She suggested.

        “Good idea, but I don't know where the flashlights are.” I said,uncomfortably.

               “What about candles?” Samantha said, popping into the conversation.

    “I think there are some in the kitchen, I’ll get a few, and find a lighter.” I said.

    “Wait before you leave, let’s do a headcount”, says River. Everyone agrees.

    “You do it, Sky.” Samantha said to me.

    “Uh, because I can't see anybody, you will have to say here when you hear your name. Ok so, Raven left, Kristina left, Samantha?”





    “Not here. Nah, just kidding, I’m here.”




    “Uh huh.”

    “And David”. Silence.

    “David. David? David?!” I yelled frantically. What has my brother gotten himself into this time? I thought, annoyed, yet still a little scared.

    “Great. So we are stuck here with no connection to the world, no electricity, and a missing person,” sighed Samantha.

    “Pretty much.” Said River.

    “Best day of my life.” Jess said sarcastically.

    “Ok I'll be right back with the candles.” I said.

    “We'll come with you.” said Jess.

    “Yeah.” the others said in unison. I looked for the candles in the dark with no luck. “Can anyone see the candles?” I asked.

    “I can’t see anything!” Vanessa said.

    “Ugh!” I said in frustration. Where in the world could they be?” I yelled.

    “I think I found them!” Luke said.

    “How the flippy-flap did you find them?” Raven asked in shock.

    “Well you can say that I’m one hell of a guy.” He said with a smirk.

    Everyone stood in silence. “Well, thanks I guess.” I said breaking the silence. We all carefully walked back to the living room and sat on the couches, feeling our way in the darkness.

    “Okay so-ooooo, what should we do now?” asked Samantha.

    I started to fear for David.

    “We try to find my brother.” I said confidently.

    “But we’re in complete darkness, how in the world are we gonna find him?!” Samantha said.

    “Well we have no choice, and we have the candles thanks to Luke. It’s not much, but it gives us some light.” Raven said.

    “Ok, I guess I'll come”, said Samantha.

    “Yeah, me too.” Replied Vanessa.

    “What are we waiting for? Let's go!” Rivera said.

    “Where should we look?” Skylar asked.

    “How about in the basement?” Luke suggested. “I mean, it’s where everyone finds the missing people in the movies.” Everyone hesitated. I was the first to say “Okay” and looking back on it now, I regret it.

        Jess rolled her eyes. “Yes, because going into the basement in a haunted house is just the best idea, right? Come on guys, it’s like we’re in a horror movie! The audience is probably screaming at us ‘don’t go in in the basement!’ and you guys are still going into the basement!”

        “It’s our only option, what else do you suggest we do? Wait here to get killed?” Raven retorted.

        Jess scowled. “Fine, I’ll go with you guys.”

    I open the basement door, and step carefully down the stairs. “David? Are you here?” I ask. I land on the last step and look around, soon after, my friends follow. “I don’t think he’s here,” I say.

    “Let’s go back upstairs.” Vanessa said.

    Suddenly we all hear the door close. And hear a click. We all assumed someone locked the door.We hear someone walking down the stairs. It was Luke.

    “Humans...so easily tricked.”

    But this voice was not Luke’s. Luke’s voice was shy, yet friendly. This one was harsh and dark. Everyone screamed. With our screams, Luke seemed to grow more powerful, he looked stronger. As scared as I was, I stood tall and said. Then it clicked. Our fear was what was making him stronger, it was the source of his power. I took in a breath, looking at Luke straight in the eyes.

    “Luke, this prank isn’t funny anymore! Cut it out!” I said, trying not to sound afraid.

    Samantha caught on to what I was trying to do. “Yeah Luke...this isn’t cool!”

    “Prank? I’m here to kill you!” He scowled.

    “Come on Luke you can’t be serious, and you sound like a dying duck!” Raven protested.

    “What, why aren’t you scared?!?” His voice still sounded deep and cold.

    “Because we know you’re pranking us!” We all yelled in unison.

    Suddenly, a black-and-green vortex appeared the floor. A thick black mist came out of Luke’s body and was sucked into the portal, disappearing soon after. Then, Luke fell on the basement floor. I ran to see if he was okay.

    “Luke?” I said.

    I felt for a pulse, and let out a sigh of relief once I found one. Luke’s eyes slowly opened, and he let out a groan of pain.

    “Wh-what happened?” He asked.

    “Well…” I began.

    “You tricked us into the basement.” Rivera said.

    “You tried to kill us..” Vanessa added.

    “Oh, and a vortex appeared and sucked something out of you.” Samantha concluded.

    Luke put his head in his hands.

    “Not again…”

    “AGAIN!?!” We all yelled in surprise.

        “You mean this isn’t the first time?!” I said, taken aback

    Luke nodded.

    “Okay,” I said trying to take the lead. “Let's all go back upstairs and then talk about what just happened.”

    “Okay.”  everyone softly chorused, still confused and scared.

    Everyone marched up the stairs, following me. Luke came up last and looked around, raising his hands. Suddenly, the lights flickered back on. Everyone sighed and collapsed on to the couch, relieved that this mess was over. I looked at Luke quizzically but his expression did not hint at the answer. I looked up to see everyone staring at me.

    “Oh, right. Uh, Luke? We’ll tell you what happened and you tell us why it happened. Deal?” I said, my voice slightly shaky.

    Luckily Luke didn't seem to notice, and neither did the others. They were all looking at Luke, waiting for his answer. His face remained still for a moment and then he sighed.

    “Okay, deal” he agreed.

    So, we all told him how he tricked us into the basement to find David, while I pointed out that my brother was still missing, and how he suddenly sounded dark and cold after the door shut. Luke started crying and murmuring.

           “Why me, why of all people, me?” We let him stay that way for a couple minutes until I blurted out,

    “What...you?! What happened???!!!!”

    Luke sucked in a deep breath and began his story.

    “So a few years ago” he paused.“So a few years ago, my friends and I were camping and I got separated from the group. I was trying to find my friends, screaming their names until my throat got hoarse. I heard someone scream, and I looked back as I ran towards the sound. It kept getting louder and I suddenly stopped.”

    “‘Who is this?’ I said uncertainly.”

    “Someone answered”

    “‘Uhm, do I know you?’I asked”

    “‘I am the one you don’t know, but the one you will know for the rest of your life,’ the voice answered”

    “‘I plunged into darkness until I woke up not knowing where I was. My throat hurt and I suddenly remembered all that happened yesterday. I started walking around, trying to find my friends. When I finally found them and we celebrated. Then, we found our way back home and everything seemed normal. Except, I kept thinking about the voice and who was talking. A few weeks later, I was playing baseball and then I was clearing up and picking balls up  and returning them to the basket. My teacher had work to do and I was left alone. she said that she would check back in 5 min. Suddenly I yelped in pain and everything went black. When I woke up, I walked back home and went to bed. The next day, I went over to my  friends house and asked them if they wanted to play.They acted weird and shut the door. later, I found out that my teacher died. I was super confused of what happened.”

    “Later, I found out that there was a demon inside of me and nobody ever talked to me. I moved to get a new life and forget what happened.But now….”

    When he finished he sobbed and I felt a pang of sadness for him. I told him that everything would be alright.

    Everyone started to leave except Luke. I became nervous. I was sweating because of what had just happened the last hour and a half, then he came closer, then our lips made contact.

    I pulled away, and slapped him.

    “OW,” he whined. “What was that for?”

    “Why did you kiss me?” I responded.

    “Goodnight,’’ he said, shooting me a wink and a sly grin.

    Then he walked away out the door of my 3-story house. I admit… I blushed; he is handsome with his soft blonde hair. I thought about what happened tonight and I said,

    “Yep a normal party.”

    “In what way?!?!” said a voice.

    “David get out of under my bed or I will scissor kick you.” I demanded.

    “Fine!” he said and left my room.

    My parents got home around 10:40 and I was on my phone deciding to go to bed or not and they went straight to bed and so did I.  

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