SENIOR STRIKE - Class of 2023!

Senior Info Sessions

  • In lieu of Senior Conferences this year, in an effort to get seniors information regarding the college admissions season, counselors will be holding small, Senior Info Sessions to go over the most important pieces of college applications, scholarships, financial aid, etc…

    These Senior Info Sessions will take place over three days next week, September 27th, 28th and 29th and will be split up by last name, alpha ranges. Below you will find that alpha range breakdown. We ask that any seniors who normally flex and/or take their CCP courses from home during their scheduled time, please come into the building that day and report to the auditorium. It is important that all seniors hear the information shared during these sessions and an announcement will be made for when students should come down at their scheduled times.

    **Note: These are updated from the original dates and are the most recent for students to follow.**


    Last Name Alpha Range Senior Assembly Date/Time
    A - B 9/27 @ 1st Period
    C - D 9/27 @ 2nd Period
    E - G 9/27 @ 4th Period
    H - K 9/28 @ 1st Period
    L - M 9/28 @ 2nd Period
    N - Q 9/28 @ 4th Period
    R - S 9/29 @ 1st Period
    T - Z 9/29 @ 2nd Period

CMHS College Info Night!

College Info Night Presentation

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Financial Aid Night!

  • Financial Aid

CCS Futures Fair!

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Transcripts for College Apps


    • Common App - School Counselors will upload transcripts automatically with the School Report or Counselor Evaluation.
    • NC Colleges & Universities - Send your transcript FREE through CFNC even if applying with Common or Coaltion App. 
    • Coalition Application - School Counselors will upload transcripts for students who apply through the Coalition App.
    • SENDedu- School Counselors will upload transcripts for students applying to colleges that utilize SENDedu.
    • Other Requests:  Follow the Transcript Request Process on Transcript Page

Cap and Gown Orders

  •    Jostens Comes to TJ for Cap and Gown Orders | Thomas Jefferson High School

    Graduation is closer than you think, and Jostens will start taking orders for Cap and Gowns starting September 22nd


    Your cap, gown, and tassel cost $16.95 plus shipping, handling, & tax.  The total will be about $30.00


    You can order online on or after September 22nd at or go HERE to view all graduation products including tassels if you are borrowing a Charger Alumni’s cap and gown.


    If you’d like to order in person, Jostens will be here at Cox Mill during lunches in the commons area on September 22nd to take Cap and Gown orders from senior students.  Jostens will accept cash, check, and cards on that day.


    This year we must have Cap & Gown orders submitted by November 10th so Jostens can guarantee you will have yours at the end of May.  


    If you wait to order your Cap & Gown, the cost will jump to $65.00 plus shipping, handling, & tax!


    If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Russell Honrine with Jostens at 910-895-8471 or  If you already have a cap and gown, let me know & I will remove you from our list.  If you have financial concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Leah Deal @

Yearbook Orders


Tux & Drape Picture Day


CMHS Graduation 2023!

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Scholarships 101



Financial Aid

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Exam Exemptions

  • Seniors may be eligible for Exam Exemptions based on the following: 


    • The student has an 80 or higher as their final average
    • No suspensions
    • Three absences or less
    • Exemption is optional at the student’s discretion. If a student qualifies to exempt they can elect to take the test or not.
    • The test will count in the gradebook as the equivalency of 2 normal tests in Q4.


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c/o 2023 Survey

Upcoming Events

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Join the Senior Remind!

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CFNC Free App Week!

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Sending Your Transcript in NC


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