• The Senior Strike - Class of 2020
    Get charged up, Seniors!


  • August 21 - Last Open House!
    August 26 - Last First Day!
    August 30 - Senior Assembly (Homeroom)
    September 3 - Mock Diplomas Distributed (Homeroom)
    September 4 - Mock Diplomas Due (Homeroom)
    September 4 - Senior Profile Survey Due (online)
    September 11 - Unofficial Transcripts Out - Homeroom
    September 12 - CMHS College & Scholarship Night - 6:30 pm
    September 13 - Club Fair (lunches)
    September 16 - Senior Conferences Begin (run thru November)
    September 19 - Senior Pictures (Tux & Drapes)
    September 30 - October 4 - Spirit Week
    October 2 - CCS Financial Aid Night - Concord Middle @ 6:30 pm
    October 9 - Senior Picture Makeups (Tux & Drapes)
    October 9 - CCS College Fair - Cabarrus Arena @ 6 pm
    October 11 - Homecoming
    October 12 - Homecoming Dance
    October 14 - Senior Ad Deadline
    November 7 - Senior 2020 Picture - 4th Period @ CMHS Football Field (wear school colors)
    March 2 - April 3 - Prom Ticket Sales
    March 23 - Graduation Speech Submission Deadline (2 copies to Ms. Austin/2317 by 3 pm)
    April 20 - 24 - Prom Ticket Invitations Out
    April 23Graduation Speaker Auditions - 2:45 - 4:45 pm
    April 25 - Senior Prom
    June 9 - Graduation Practice - 2:30 pm - Cabarrus Arena
    June 12 - Graduation - 4 pm - Cabarrus Arena
    Add the S3 Calendar feed to your smartphone for additional information about opportunities and important deadlines! 

Early Graduation & Flexing

  • Early Graduation 

    Students eligible for early graduation must have completed all of their graduation requirements by the end of the first (fall) semester of their senior year.  These seniors do not attend high school for the second (spring) semester. Seniors requesting to graduate early must submit the online Schedule Change Form during the normal schedule change window. A student-parent-counselor conference is required for this option. Early graduates do not receive their high school diplomas until the graduation ceremony in June of their senior year.  Students who need evidence of graduation prior to the graduation ceremony may request a letter from the school counselor or principal stating that they have met all graduation requirements and are eligible for a diploma. 

    Some students may be interested in graduating from high school in three years instead of four. Students wishing to explore this option should discuss it with their school counselors as early in high school as possible but not later than the start of their junio year. A student-parent-counselor conference is required. 


    Students who have completed graduation requirements may have room in their schedules to flex (leave school) for one or more periods during their senior year.  As per Cabarrus County Schools Guidelines, students are limited to flexing a maximum of one course per semester or two courses per year. Flexing is only allowed for at the start or the end of the school day. Flexing is strongly discouraged for college-bound seniors. Seniors requesting to flex one or two courses must submit the online Schedule Change Form during the normal schedule change window. A student-parent-counselor conference is required for this option.

    Early Graduation & Schedule Flexing Handbook

    CMHS Flexing Expectations

Exam Exemptions

  • Seniors will be able to exempt exams if they meet the following criteria in a course:

    1. Must have an 80 or above average
    2. Must have no more than three absences (excused or unexcused) prior to exam day (college visits count toward absences)
    3. Must have no suspensions (ISS or OSS) during that semester

    Other critical elements of the policy:

    1. State exams (EOC, NCFE, VOCAT) cannot be exempted
    2. Exemption is optional (qualifying students may choose to take an exam; the exam grade will be used only if it improves the student's overall grade in the course)

    AP Exams:

    1. Students in AP courses must take either the AP exam or the teacher-made exam (no exemptions)
    2. If a student fails to take the exam of their choosing (AP exam or teacher-made), a grade of "0" will be calculated for the missed exam and averaged into the final course grade (counts 25%)

Fee Waivers

Graduation Tickets

  • Can I leave tickets for a late-arriving guest to pick up?

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    Yes.  Tickets can be dropped off and picked up at the checked items window at the arena entrance.

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  • When can I get tickets?

    Posted by:

    Tickets will be distributed to seniors the day of graduation rehearsal in June.

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  • Can I save seats?

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    Seat saving is not permitted; parties can be seated once everyone has arrived.

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  • Will I have a specific seat?

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    No, tickets are general admission only.  Seats fill up quickly, so it is recommended to arrive early to keep your party together.

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  • I work for Cabarrus County Schools, do I need a ticket?

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    Yes, all graduation guests, regardless of affiliation will need a ticket to enter the arena.

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  • What about small children?

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    All graduation guests regardless of age require a ticket; small children will also be included in the ticket count for admission.

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  • What time should I arrive for graduation?

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    Due to the size of the graduating class, it is recommended that you arrive early.  Doors open one hour prior to the ceremony.  Although the ticket guarantees entry to the arena, it does not guarantee a seat.  

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  • What if I lose my tickets?

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    The tickets you receive will be numbered and unique to each graduate.  No duplicate tickets will be issued.

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  • What if I forget my tickets?

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    Tickets are required to gain admission to the graduation ceremony.  Without tickets, guests will not be admitted.

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  • What if I need more tickets?

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    Each graduate will only receive 9 tickets.  Although CMHS will not be issuing additional tickets, students can exchange tickets on their own.

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  • Why are tickets being issued?

    Posted by:

    The size of the graduating class and capacity of the arena are the driving factors behind the decision to issue tickets.

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  • How you send your transcript depends on the recipient to whom you are sending it. Read the information below and plan to request your transcript or any other support forms for college or scholarship applications at least two weeks ahead of your deadline. We do NOT recommend sending your transcript or other application materials through Naviance at this time, though you are welcome to use Naviance as a research tool. All electronic are sent/uploaded for free. Seniors get three free traditional, hard-copy transcripts; after that they are $5 each through the senior year. After graduation, all transcripts are $10 each.

    IN-STATE COLLEGE APPLICATIONS - Log into CFNC and send your transcript for free to any college in North Carolina. Click here to view a short video tutorial on how to send your transcript through CFNC.

    OUT-OF-STATE COLLEGE APPLICATIONS - Follow the college's instructions for sending your transcript. If applying through Common App, Coalition or SENDedu-afflicated school, your counselor will upload your transcript IF you list him/her as your counselor in the appropriate section of your application. If requesting a traditional, paper transcript to sendvia US Mail, submit your Transcript Request Form to the S3 Registrar, who will prepare it for you and call you down to the S3 Office to pick up and mail (so you can track when it was sent).

    SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS - Some applications will accept unofficial transcripts; copy the one you received in Homeroom at the start of the school year (or request an udpated one from the S3 Registrar if you need an updated unofficial transcript for second semester). Some applications will require a School Report (usually completed by your counselor); in this case, complete your portions of the School Report and give it to your counselor so finish and attach the transcript (be sure to give your counselor copies of any test scores you want him/her to report). 

Last Modified on March 10, 2020