Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are Athletics offered at HiRMS?

    Yes. We offer the same athletic programs as the other middle schools in Cabarrus County Schools. Information about physicals, try-outs etc are communicated via the athletic webpages and other social media during the Summer for Fall sports. Sports and seasons are: Fall - football, softball. Winter One - 8th basketball (boys and girls) and wrestling. Winter Two - 7th basketball (boys and girls). Spring - baseball, track, volleyball and soccer. Soccer is offered through FCAA.
     2.What is the mascot for Hickory Ridge Middle School?
     We are the Hickory Ridge Middle School Mavericks! The mascot and logo, along with an explanation of the symbolism, is located under the history section. During our inaugural year, a vote was held and the mascot is known as Marvin the Marvelous Maverick.
     3.How do I know if my residence is zoned to attend Hickory Ridge Middle School?
     To view which schools you are assigned to attend, please visit the Cabarrus County Schools main webpage and click on the 'Attendance Locator Links' located under the Quick Links section on the left side of the page.. Please be sure to read the directions carefully as you must input your data in a very specific fashion.
    What do I need to bring to enroll a new (or existing Cabarrus County Schools) student?
    You will need:
    - Proof of Identification (any ONE of the following: Driver's License, Matricula Consular, Work Authorization Card, Border Crossing Card, Permanent Resident Card, Passport Visitor's Visa).
    - Proof of Domicile: you must have ONE ITEM EACH from Source One and Source Two
    Source One: House Deed, Current Property Tax Statement, Current Lease Agreement, Closing or Settlement Statement or Certificate of Domicile.
    Source Two: NC DMV ID or Matricula Consular, Motor Vehicle Registration with name and address, Current Utility Bill with name and current address, Current Bank Statement with current name and address, Current Medicaid Card with name and current address.
    Can I leave a question or suggestion?
     You can leave a question or suggestion by clicking here.
     6.What are the school hours?
    A normal school day hours are 9:00a.m - 4:00a.m.
    The tardy bells goes at 9:00a.m
    Student Arrival is 8:35a.m - 8:55a.m
    Half-day dismissal hours are 9:00a.m - 12:30p.m 
    When will information about bus transportation be available?
    Bus schedules will be mailed with class schedules. If you register over the summer, you will be able to request bus transportation when you register. We will have a table set up on Open House to assist or answer any questions you have about bus transportation. Information about bus transportation can be found by clicking here.
    Can sixth graders participate in sports?
     The State of North Carolina does not allow sixth graders to participate in sports. However, the sixth grade year is an excellent opportunity for students to attend games and become actively involved in other social activities as they adjust to middle school life.
    Is KidsPlus offered at HiRMS?
     There is no KidsPlus at the middle school level. Students can be dropped off at 8:35a.m or later, so parents need to make arrangements to ensure that students are dropped off no earlier, or to be sure to request bus transportation.
    What type of locks do we need for our lockers?
     All students are required to have combination locks. Students will need two locks - one fo their personal locker and one for their gym locker.
    What type of physical education uniform should we purchase?
     Students have to wear navy blue shorts and grey t-shirts. The P.E department sells uniforms of high quality for $17.00.
    What instructional supplies do we need to purchase?
     An instructional supply list is posted on the website. To access the supply list, please click here.
Last Modified on September 5, 2013