• Welcome to the Health and PE Department
    We have great teachers who have a passion for what they teach every day!

Meet the Coaches:

  • Coach Hodges - Head Women's Tennis Coach and Baseball Coach (Advanced PE, Health/PE)

    Coach Lancaster - Assistant Football and Track Coach (Weight Training, Health/PE)

    Coach MullenHead Softball Coach (Health/PE, Wellness for the Mind and Body [new 2023/2024] )

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  • What Classes Do We Offer??


    • Freshmen Health and PE (REQUIREMENT FOR GRADUATION)

      • This course will teach students how to balance all aspects of the health triangle (Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social).
      • There will be 4 units of health and physical education balanced throughout the semester. 
    • Men's and Women's Weight Training/ Strength and Conditioning (HPE = prerequisite)

      • This course will help all athletes and non-athletes to understand the weight room while building development in their physical strength and mental state, as well as creating social relationships. 
    • Advanced PE (HPE = prerequisite)

      • This course is for students who enjoy being in the gym and playing games. 
      • With this being an elective, students are expected to participate every day to their best ability. 
        • Games will be played first to learn the game and then played in a tournament style. 
    • **NEW**  Wellness for the Mind and Body
      • Ask Coach Mullen for more information on this course! :)
Last Modified on April 19, 2023