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    Dual Enrollment
    Extracurricular (band, clubs, etc.)
    Special Events (prom, homecoming, etc.)
    Can middle school students take courses?
    What is the deadline for applications?
    What is the application process?
    Where is the PLC?
    What is the PLC?
    What are the entrance requirements?
    Can I graduate from Cabarrus County Schools?
    Do I need to have internet access?
    What is the curriculum?

    Athletics (back to top)
    The Performance Learning Center does not participate in interscholastic athletics.
    Attendance (back to top)
    School attendance is not required.  However, students will be expected to access the courses regularly and maintain a satisfactory pace towards successful completion.  This will be monitored by school administration.  Additionally, students who are enrolled in courses that require a final exam, such as an AP exam or End of Course exam, will need to take the final exam at the PLC at the end of each semester.
    Dual Enrollment (back to top)
    Students must enroll as a student at the Performance Learning Center and maintain enrollment and progress in two online courses per semester, while maintaining enrollment in their home school.
    Extracurricular (band, clubs, etc.) (back to top)
    Students that attend the Performance Learning Center have access to limited clubs throughout the year.  Band is not offered.
    Special Events (prom, homecoming, etc.) (back to top)
    Any senior that completes CCS graduation requirements and desires to graduate from the Performance Learning Center will be allowed to participate in all graduation celebrations.
    Can middle school students take courses? (back to top)
    Yes.  Academically advanced middle school students are welcome to enroll in the high school course offerings.
    What is the deadline for applications? (back to top)
    The enrollment window is open from September 4 to September 11.
    What is the application process? (back to top)
    Interested families will complete an application identifying their child's current level of course work and courses they are interested in accessing online.
    Where is the PLC? (back to top)
    The PLC is located on the campus of JN Fries Magnet Middle School at 133 Stonecrest Circle, Concord, NC 28027.  If you need assistance contact the school by phone at 704-795-7074.
    What is the PLC? (back to top)
    Cabarrus County Schools' Performance Learning Center is a small, non-traditional high school geared toward students who desire something different than a traditional school setting. The PLC incorporates a caring philosophy and approach that combines strong personal relationships between staff and students with an intense focus on academic achievement. The PLC has low student to teacher ratios (18:1) and students receive one-on-one attention when needed.  For more information visit our website here.
    What are the entrance requirements? (back to top)
    Home school students must demonstrate the necessary course prerequisites to ensure academic readiness to access advanced courses.  Furthermore, it is expected that interested families have systems in place to ensure student support and success in completing the course requirements.
    Can I graduate from Cabarrus County Schools? (back to top)
    Students have the choice to graduate from their home school program or Cabarrus County Schools.  Students choosing to graduate from Cabarrus County Schools must meet local and state graduation requirements.
    Do I need to have internet access? (back to top)
    Yes.  The curriculum used for HomeReach is fully online.
    What is the curriculum? (back to top)
    HomeReach students will take courses through Apex Learning.  You can learn more about Apex here.
    What kind of support is available? (back to top)
    It is expected that students entering this program have the necessary support in place to advance successfully through an online curriculum.  However, teachers at the Performance Learning Center will be available by appointment weekday afternoons and Friday mornings.