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HomeReach Overview

  • Times are Changing

    As the 21st century unfolds, it is clear that learning is no longer a function of time and space.  Traditional schooling methods are evolving as parents and students opt for more autonomy and flexibility through tailored approaches to learning.  Why does high school Biology require 90 days of 90 minute classes?  What if students can learn the concepts in a shorter time period?  And, why does the learning all have to happen at school?  Could it happen virtually? Or at home? These are the questions that are driving the evolution of schooling.  And, these questions are driving many families to opt out of the traditional model and into virtual or home learning structures.  
    Cabarrus County Schools is asking the same questions.  With this in mind, we are hoping to partner with home school families to offer supplemental high school courses.  In particular, we believe there is interest in advanced courses, electives, world languages, sports, music, etc.
    Traditionally, public schools have been closed to this idea.  Those times are changing. 

    HomeReach for Home School Families

    Currently, Cabarrus County Schools offers the Apex Learning Curriculum to all students at the Performance Learning Center.  This curriculum allows students to complete a college prep curriculum in a virtual environment.  Apex offers a menu of high school course offerings that can be accessed by both middle and high school students.  From Algebra I to Spanish to AP Calculus, Apex has demonstrated success with students.  Founded by Microsoft pioneer Paul Allen, Apex has been working for students for more than a decade, as seen in the linked Forbes article.

    How Does It Work?

    • Students must enroll in two classes per semester (4 per year) and make satisfactory progress throughout the semester.
    • Students will have access to certified teachers on an appointment basis.
    • Students must be enrolled in a licensed NC home school.
    • HomeReach can supplement home school curriculum.
    • Students have the choice whether to graduate from their home school program or receive a CCS diploma.
Last Modified on December 12, 2016