Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Susannah Dedmon

Hello, Spiders!! I am looking forward to my 8th teaching here at Concord High School.  This school year I am teaching Chemistry, Physical Science, & Earth and Environmental Science. When I am not teaching my hobbies include traveling, going to sporting events, and just relaxing. My husband and I have two boys ages 11 and 8.  They are hoping for sports to return so they can come and cheer on all Spider athletes. This will be a new adventure for all of us this school year.  Remember we are STRONGER TOGETHER.  
We will follow the same class pattern Monday and Tuesday are Adays and Wednesday and Thursday are Bdays
The class times are listed below:
1st Block Teams meeting 7:30-8:30
2nd Block Teams meeting 9:10-10:10
3rd Block Teams meeting 11:10-12:10
4th Block Teams meeting 12:50-1:50


BA in Middle Grades Education Math/Science
Minor in Earth Sciences
Phone 704-260-6000 ext 11404
My Schedule: Fall 2020
1st     Semester Chemistry
2nd A Yearlong Physical Science
2nd B Yearlong Earth and Environmental Science
3rd     Planning
4th A  Yearlong Earth and Environmental Science
4th B  Yearlong Earth and Environmental Science
School Supplies (will be used for both in person and remote learning)

Pencil or Pen (Chemistry and Physical science have math so you may want a pencil)

Colored pencils, markers, or crayons (any on that you have is fine)

2” or 3” 3-ring binder 

Dividers 8

Notebook paper


Calculator (Scientific or graphing...there is a link for an online version on the syllabus but I highly recommend having one physically to use, and fewer mistakes tend to be made. You can find used ones on different selling sites like Facebook Market Place and Ebay. In stores can start as low as $8...just make sure it says scientific on the package.)  
Last Modified on December 11, 2020