Engaging Student Potential
    Inspire, Ignite, Inspire


    Our Mission   

    C.C. Griffin Middle School, a family who embraces high expectations and diversity, is committed to developing successful lifelong learners in an engaging and supportive environment.


    Character Traits   

    A Gryphon student exemplifies... Empathy, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Self-Discipline

    School Mascot and Colors

    The gryphon is the school mascot. It is a mythological creature that is half eagle and half lion. It represents the intelligence of an eagle and the strength of a lion. In mythology, gryphons guarded fabulous treasure, and their homes were in either dens for lions or eyries for eagles.

    C.C. Griffin Middle School has three school colors – red, royal blue and silver. The color red means brave, strong, generous, and just. The color blue stands for truth and loyalty, and silver represents peace and sincerity.

    Eagle    Painted Gryphon    Lion
    Student Creed
    By the students and for the students!
    I believe every person has the right to learn.  This right should not be denied because of race, color, creed, gender, or handicap. 
    I will show respect for myself and others.
    I believe that I should walk in the way of honor, keeping my thoughts and deeds clean.
    I will stand up for my beliefs and do what is right.
    I will use each day to its fullest realizing it will never come back to me.  
    I was born a winner with unlimited potential.
    Anything that my mind can conceive and believe, I can accomplish.
    Yesterday's failures are behind me; today's successes are now before me.  I will not let any past failures influence any opportunities for success.
    My goal in life is not merely achieving victory but learning from my struggles along the way.
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