Math: Please look below for our week at a glance.



    math challenge

    It is very important that students know their multiplication facts and are fluent. This is the expectation. Students will also continue their spiral review using Math4Today. This sheet will be done at school Monday-Friday! Students will take this sheet home Thursdays to study. Math4Today Quizzes will be on Fridays.


    Math MVP

    Week 1:  (A Block);  (B Block)

    Week 2:  (A Block);  (B Block)

    Week 3:  (A Block);   (B Block)

    Week 4:  (A Block);   (B Block)


    Monthly Word Problem Sheet: Each month, students will have a monthly word problem sheet that will be completed at home. This sheet isn't due until the end of the month. Students can choose the amount of problems they want to complete each night. Problem solving is a very important skill in math and our goal is that students become excellent problem solvers by practicing different strategies to solve a problem. Time will be given in class for assistance as needed. Monthly Word Problems have been given out for March. These are due the 31st.


    Science: Students will begin their unit on Energy: Conversation and Transfer and Forces and Motion. During this unit students will:

    • Describe the basic forms of energy
    • Construct an electrical circuit
    • Construct an electromagnet and describe how the energy flows to create the magnetic force
    • Summarize the way light travels.
    • Explain what happens to light when it is refracted, reflected, and/or absorbed from one medium to another.


    • Classify objects as magnetic or not.
    • Defend the reasons why some metals are magnetic and some are not.
    • Demonstrate that magnets have a force field.
    • Explain the difference between attraction and repulsion.
    • Describe the motion resulting from the use of magnets.

    Electrical Charges:

    • Create an electrical charge as it relates to static electricity.
    • Explain the difference between positive and negative charges as it relates to electrical discharge and static electricity.


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

     Math Vocabulary Words:
    Fractions and Decimals Unit:
    partition, partitioned, fraction, unit fraction, equivalent, denominator, numerator, comparison/compare,‹, ›, =, benchmark fraction operations, addition/joining, subtraction/separating, fraction, multiple, reason, composing, decomposing, mixed number, improper fraction, multiply, decimals, tenths, hundredths
    Daily Schedule


    Specials Schedule
    Day 1: 8th Block
    Day 2: Music
    Day 3: PBL
    Day 4: PE 2 
    Day 5: Chinese
    Day 6: A Week-Media/ B Week- Guidance
    Day 7: PE 1
    Day 8: Art
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  • class dojo  
    Positive student behavior and character development are goals at Harrisburg Elementary School. The expectations for our students are: to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible. In addition to our chart, 4th grade will also use Class Dojo for positive student behavior. 
    Current Classroom Goal: 150 points in one day!

Last Modified on September 24, 2020