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Mrs. Theresa Peterson

Welcome to my webpage!
I've been teaching in Cabarrus county -- mostly senior English -- for almost three decades, and I've been at Robinson since the doors opened.  I'm the mother of two Bulldog graduates.  You'll find information about my classes in my Canvas files; to access those files, go to the Jay-Rob home page, click Useful Links, then Canvas. 
If you can't find what you need, please email.
Important note:  I've been the Jay-Rob yearbook advisor for twenty years; but 2021-2022 is my last year before retirement, and Ms Emmie Corl is taking over the program.  She's a younger, better version of me, and the yearbook is in excellent hands.  Beginning in August 2021, please direct picture and yearbook-related questions to her attention: .

Yearbook & School Pictures

  • 2020-2021 School Year
    2020-2021 Yearbooks, the Pandemic Edition: Okay, Everyone, nothing to add to last week's news.  It's Tuesday, July 20, and Jostens is still telling me our books will ship out of Clarksville, TN on Friday, July 23, and they will arrive sometime between Monday, July 26 - Thursday, July 29 -- maybe early in the day, maybe late in the day.  Apparently much is in the hands of Fed Ex once they ship.  The very minute I know for sure, I will send out a Connect Ed call, and you can always check here for the latest.
    Thanks for your patience, Everyone.  This is one more thing that's been difficult this year. 
    We will have VERY FEW extra books -- only six unsold books remain.  ONLY SIX.  If we do have extras during the drive-through pick up, those "cash and carry books" will sell for $70.  I requested that Jostens turn on the online ordering website again (link below), so please pre-order!  I do anticipate selling out. 
    Click here to order a yearbook:
    Or call Jostens Publishing at 1-877-767-5217
    Cap & Gown pictures:  Cap & Gown pictures are here!  EVERY SENIOR who took a Cap & Gown picture has something in the school's main office.  If you ordered and paid, your printed pictures are waiting for you.  If you just took a picture and didn't order, you have a full-color printed proof with ordering instructions.  You may pick these up any time the office is open. 

    Click here to order Cap & Gown pictures -- our picture day ID # is EVTVTGBS9:
    People are having trouble ordering over the internet, and I cannot help with another company's ordering process; please call LifeTouch at 704-629-4000.
    Across the Stage pictures: 
    When you crossed the stage and received your diploma on Saturday, June 12, a photographer took your picture.  If you'd like to purchase that picture, click the link below.  They will mail these to your house; nothing will come to the school.
    Click here to order Across the Stage pictures:
    or pick up this whole link (even the word "file") file:///C:/Users/theresa.peterson/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/1179C21R/J%20ROBINSON%20SHAKE%20AND%20GRAB-%20FL7396-1920%20OrderOnline%208.5x5.5-%20fillable.pdf
    Our event date is June 12, and our order code # is FM361198
    Senior pictures: Senior pictures are finished, and they look great!  The photographer has posted your images online at student ID is your password.  The photographer will mail your pictures to the address you provide to him.  If you missed senior picture day, I am very sorry, but it is too late to have a senior picture taken this year.  
    If you have questions about buying pictures, email the photographer: or Or call the photographer at (704) 855-3656 .
    9th, 10th, 11th grade school pictures: Underclass pictures are finished!  These pictures may be purchased by logging onto and use the code FE32620 to view our school's pictures.  Jostens will mail your pictures to the address you provide.  We are no longer accepting selfies for the underclass portrait section. 

    2021-2022 School Year

    Senior pictures: Seniors will take formal senior pictures (what we call tux-and-drape pictures) for the yearbook on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.  Our make-up day is Thursday, October 28, 2021.  We use these pictures in the yearbook, on the big screen at graduation, and in the newspaper. 
    Our photographer will provide the clothing for senior pictures.  Guys are asked to wear a plain white undershirt to their picture appointments; this will make dressing in the gym easier.    Ladies are asked to wear a tank top or cami top; this won't show under the drape, but such a top means the ladies don't have to disrobe to put on the photographer's drape.  The photographer will provide a string of pearls for the ladies, but it's fine to wear a personal necklace instead. 
    Bring no money on senior picture day.  Two weeks after picture day, pictures will be available at student ID is your password.  Choose the pose you like best for the yearbook through the photographer's site no later than Friday, November 12 -- if you don't choose, the photographer will provide me with Pose #1, and I will use it in your senior yearbook.  The photographer will mail your printed pictures to the address you provide to him.
    Click here to view the picture day schedule:  Class of 2022 Senior Picture Appointments
    If you need to change your appointment, email me:
    If you have questions about buying pictures, email the photographer: or Or call the photographer at (704) 855-3656 .
    Senior ads in the yearbook: Senior ads will go on sale the first day of school:  Monday, August 23, 2021 and will be available until the end of the semester in January.  Prices start at $60.  A flyer on senior ads will go home to all students in senior homerooms on the first day of school in August. 
    Click here to see the senior ad order form:  Senior Ad order form 2022
    Click here for FAQs about senior ads:  FAQs for seniors ads
    Cap & Gown pictures: Cap and gown pictures will be made Tuesday, April 26, 2022.  We will not host a make-up day for cap and gown pictures, and we do not publish these pictures anywhere.
    Seniors will pick up cap and gowns up shortly before Spring Break.  Seniors should bring their own cap and gowns to picture day, and they should dress as if it were graduation day; that is, guys in white collared shirts and ties, ladies with white collars sewed on (included with the cap and gown purchase).  Cap and gown pictures will be "waist up", so shoes and pants don't matter.  We will provide "fake diplomas" for students to hold in the pictures. 
    Click here to view the picture day schedule:  2022 Cap & Gown schedule .  Note that the schedule allows for students who aren't on our campus all day.  Again, we will not host a make-up day for cap and gown pictures.
    9th, 10th, 11th grade school pictures: We have scheduled 9th, 10th and 11th grade school pictures for Wednesday, September 22, 2021, and our make-up day is Thursday, October 28, 2021.  Two weeks after pictures are made, the images can be viewed /ordered online at  Your student number is your password and the event code is FE48621.  The photographer will mail printed pictures to the address provided to him by the student. 
    Click here to view the underclass picture day schedule:  Underclass picture day schedule
    2021-2022 Yearbooks, the Return to Life Edition: Yearbooks will go on sale on the first day of school in the fall: August 23, 2021.  All students will receive a flyer in the first-day homeroom, which will include yearbook prices and ordering information.  Students who order in the first weeks of school will get the yearbook for the lowest price, and they will have the option of a personalized cover.  Students who order early also have the option of paying for the yearbook in several installments. 
    If you wait to order, you will end up paying MORE for the SAME book -- no, not the same book because the option of a personalized cover disapears in mid-January.  And if you wait until the books arrive, you may or may not be able to get a book at all.  The cheapest, most certain option is to order in August and KNOW that you have a book waiting.
    Click here to order a yearbook:
    Or call Jostens Publishing at 1-877-767-5217  (note: this is Jostens PUBLISHING, not Jostens Cap & Gowns, not Jostens rings)

Academic schedule

  • Mrs. Peterson's 2021-2022 schedule:

          1st period -- English 4
          2nd period -- English 4
          3rd period -- Planning
          4th period -- English 3
          1st period -- Honors English 4
          2nd period -- Planning
          3rd period -- English 3
          4th period -- English 3

Contact information

  • Please email me:
    I am very quick to answer emails, but phone messages sometimes go astray in our phone system. You may also message me through Canvas. 

Things you will not find on my website

  • Help with with the 2021-2022 yearbook.   I have been the Robinson yearbook advisor for 20 years -- and I have loved it! -- but this is my last year before I retire, and Ms Emmie Corl has taken over the yearbook.  Her email is .
    Help with purchasing printed photographs.  First check the information above -- you can find schedules, event codes, the photographer's phone numbers and more; your question can probably be answered with this information.  I arrange the schedule for the photographer to take pictures on our campus, but I do not know who purchased pictures, I do not order the pictures, and I never have any contact with the picture money -- in short, I cannot help with any "picture business".  You can order additional pictures from the photographer later -- even after the school year has ended.  If you need help with purchasing school pictures, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students should go to , and seniors should contact Blair Phillips at and his phone is (704) 855-3656.
    Help with sports photographs.  Sport photographs are made by Blair Phillips Photography.  His email is and his phone is (704) 855-3656.  Except for candids that are placed in the yearbook, I am not involved with sports photography at all. 
    Help with Cap & Gown orders.  Early in the school year Jostens will mail information about cap and gown sales to all seniors at their home addresses.  The three-piece cap and gown set is $16.95 + shipping/handling (which brings it up to about $25) IF you order it in the fall when Jostens comes to school.  If you wait, the price will go up significantly.  If you've missed the group order in the fall, you can order a cap and gown through or by calling Russell Honrine at 800-582-6376. .  Note that the website shows a series of expensive packages -- but if you scroll down-down-down below the packages, you'll find JUST the cap and gown.  You can buy just the items you want -- but they place the cap and gown alllll the way at the end of the choices.  Unless you enjoy paying more for the same item, this isn't something to put off! 
    Help with a video of graduation.  We don't do this here at the high school -- someone at the county office tapes graduation, and it's viewable online, but I have nothing to do with that.  In fact, I have nothing to do with any videos.
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