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Mrs. Theresa Peterson

Welcome to my webpage!
I've been teaching in Cabarrus county -- mostly senior English -- for more than two decades, and I've been at Robinson since the doors opened.  I'm the mother of two Bulldog graduates.
Here on my website you'll find information about my senior English classes, school pictures, and anything related to yearbooks.  If you don't find what you need, please email.  

Academic schedule

  • Mrs. Peterson's 2018-2019 schedule:

          1st period -- Planning
          2nd period -- Senior English
          3rd period -- Yearbook, C lunch
          4th period -- Senior English
          1st period -- Senior English
          2nd period -- Planning
          3rd period -- Senior English
          4th period -- Senior English

Contact information

  • Please email me:
    I am very quick to answer emails, but phone messages sometimes go astray in our phone system.  Sometimes they even show up weeks later, much to my confusion.  Please email instead of calling.  I won't be able to return phone calls until my planning period (see box on the left). 
    If you absolutely must call, my number is 704-260-6660, ext. 43309. 

Yearbook updates

  • Senior pictures for the Class of 2020:
    Senior pictures are DONE.  Pictures may be ordered through LifeTouch Photography -- their contact information can be found below. 
    Senior ads are DONE; in fact, the yearbook has been sent to printing.
    Cap & Gown pictures have been delivered to students.  If you don't have classes on Robinson's campus this semester, your pictures are in the office. 
    If you're ordering Cap & Gown pictures, note that the photographer gave you the WRONG website on your proofs.  To order Cap & Gown pictures, go to , set up an account and input the codes that're on your proofs.  Need help with Cap & Gown pictures?  The photographer's phone number is listed below. 
    Pictures for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students: 
    Underclass pictures are also DONE and have been delivered to students.  If you still need to order pictures, please contact the photographer.   
    If you need to contact the photographer, here's his information: 
    LifeTouch Studios 
    Phone (preferred): 704-502-2769    
    Yearbook sales:
    If you pre-ordered a yearbook, it's already in printing and will be delivered to school mid-May.  How will we distribute them this year, given our odd no-school-at-school situation?  I don't quite know yet, but I will send home a Connect-Ed phone call when the time draws nearer and we see what happens with our health and safety situation. 
    I said earlier I'd be selling yearbooks outside the cafeteria around the first of April and the first of May.  Obviously, that's not happening.  I'm asking Jostens to re-open their online sales for us:  Jostens Direct Solutions.  So you should be able to order a book through them.  Again, I'll send home a Connect-Ed phone call when we know more about how last-minute sales will work.
    Note for those who are thinking ahead:
    Next year we'll be using a new photographer -- Jostens -- so details about how pictures work will change a bit.  The two big changes will be that we'll take senior pictures in the fall instead of the summer, and across the board pictures will be less expensive.  Expect details as the 2020 school year draws to an end in May. 


Things you will not find on my website

  • Help with purchasing school pictures.  I arrange the schedule for the photographer to take pictures on our campus, and I hand out the pictures he gives me.  I do not know who purchased pictures, I do not order the pictures, and I never have any contact with the picture money -- in short, I cannot help with any "picture business".  You can order additional pictures from the photographer later -- even after the school year has ended.  If you need help with purchasing school pictures, go to or call them at 704-502-2769. 
    Help with sports photographs.  Sport photographs were all made by Blair Phillips Photography this year.  His email is and his phone is (704) 855-3656.
    Help with Cap & Gown orders.  Early in the school year Jostens will mail information about cap and gown sales to all seniors at their home addresses; it's a big white envelope with the name JOSTENS printed in big, black letters.  The three-piece cap and gown set is $16.95 IF you order it with the group.  If you wait, the price will go up significantly.  If you've missed the group order, you can order a cap and gown through This isn't something to put off! 
    Help with a senior class video.  This isn't a yearbook publication; rather, it is created and sold by Mrs. Platek's broadcasting students.  You can email her at .  Baby pictures /other pictures for the senior video should be sent to her attention. 

    Help with a video of graduation.  We don't do this here at the high school -- someone at the county office tapes graduation, and it's viewable online, but I have nothing to do with that.  In fact, I have nothing to do with any videos.
Last Modified on March 23, 2020