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Donna Kindley

                                          Ms. Kindley's World Studies Social Studies Class
No LIVE classroom in Microsoft TEAMS today. SEE BELOW:
 Greetings Gryphon Families-

This evening our district leaders asked us to put our "LIVE Learning" scheduled for this week "on hold." There have been some technological glitches with our current platform. Teachers will continue to post their lessons and assignments throughout the week, they will be available for email and calls during office hours. We apologize for this inconvenience but want to ensure we are using the safest digital platform we can. Please have your student continue to log on to their teacher's Canvas or Google Classroom for instructional information. 

Thanks for your patience and continue to STAY SAFE and WELL!!


***Check your Canvas Social Studies class for Learning From Home information about your assignments that will begin on March 30. Check your Canvas email by going to the Inbox on the left side of the screen. We will also use Microsoft Teams to do live video conferencing with each class on Tuesday. See your Canvas Social Studies class homepage for the time your class period will meet via Microsoft Teams. More info to come on this.
Office Hours: 2:10-4:00 Monday-Friday
LIVE Classroom in Microsoft TEAMS Schedule (see below how to get to TEAMS for your meeting):
4th Period   9:50-10:20
5th Period  10:25-10:55
6th Period   1:00-1:30
7th Period   1:35-2:05
Two ways to access a LIVE meeting. The first will get you to Microsoft TEAMS, the site where the meetings will be held.
You may connect to Microsoft Teams by following the instructions below on how to access Microsoft Office 365.  Once you are in Office 365, choose the TEAMS icon for Microsoft TEAMS. 
OR, Go to your Canvas Social Studies course and click on the link that will take you directly to your Microsoft Teams class.  Pin Microsoft TEAMS to your taskbar. 
Instructions on accessing Microsoft Office 365 from your Chromebook.
1. Go to CC Griffin website.
2. Go to Resources tab.
3. Click on Thinglink (will be showing on page).
4. Click Office 365 icon.
5. Login by:
User name is first initial   last name  last four digits of student #
Password is your student number.
6. Select either the TEAMS or OUTLOOK icon, whichever you want to go to.
    --Select the TEAMS icon.  When Microsoft Teams comes up, you will see all of your classes (or teams).
Select the Calendar icon on the left. See if you see a live meeting set up for Tuesday, March 31.
Pin Microsoft Teams to your Taskbar to make it easier to sign in.
Welcome to Ms. Kindley's adventures in social studies. The focus for sixth grade is World Studies: Early Man-Middle Ages.  This time period covers prehistory, rise of civilizations, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyp, Ancient India, Ancient China, Greece, Rome, medieval Africa, Mesoamerican civilizations, and the European Middle Ages.  Students will use the strands of social studies, or GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Accomplishments and innovations, Political aspects of the society , Economics, and Social Struction)to examine societies and happenings across time. Using these strands of the social sciences to study the world will allow students to understand what happened, why events occurred as they did, and what impact the past has had on the present. Hopefully, you as a learner will come to an understanding of the world you live in and on, as well as your role as a citizen of the world.
I have high expectations for every student in my class. The curriculum is designed for success in learning. Students who come to class prepared, complete the assignments with the goal of producing quality work, follow classroom expectations and procedures, and show respect for themselves and others will succeed in social studies.