Ms. Rebecca Doss

Phone: 704-436-9302


Degrees and Certifications:

Social Work, B.S.: Michigan State UniversityEducation, B.A.: UNCC

Ms. Rebecca Doss


Welcome to Ms. Doss's online 6th Grade Social Studies page!  Since this is all new for me and you, I will be trying to put things here to help us navigate our online classes.
1st: I was able to post "Invites" to join google classroom for most of you.... If you did not get and "Invite" I put the link for directions to google classroom on my Documents page
       Directions to google classroom.  There will be a code for each classroom - make sure you put the correct code in!
Codes for each classroom:   
1st Block:  tlrafjn
               2nd Block:   46umuzv
                                   3rd Block:   ujvpkjj
                                                        4th Block:    lcgtpbv
       Beginning Monday, March 30; a Social Studies lesson will "open" each day.  This is so that you can begin to create a school routine for yourself.
2nd: The On-line classes have been cancelled for now.  We hope to get those back online soon.
3rd:  Several of you have emailed me to have a personal online chat..... unfortunately this is not possible, for legal reasons.  
        If you need to talk to me about something, please email me about it.  
4th:  In a prior email you were told that your Core teachers (Eudy / McDonald / Doss / Wilson) will have office hours (answering emails, available for phone calls, etc)
        from 2:00 - 3:00 M - F. 
5th:  Pay attention to Emails from Ms. Eudy - they contain information from ALL your CORE teachers!  


  • Grading:    Homework -  10%
                      Classwork -  10%
                      Projects -  25%
                      Quizzes - 25%
                      Tests  - 30%
Last Modified on April 2, 2020