This Week in Class

  • Week of 3/23

    Hope everyone is doing well! This week we will be working on setting up all the things needed for moving into online learning that will start next week.

    For this week:

    1. If you need a device to use while school is out, you will need to pick one up this week. Pickup info will be below.
    2. If you need to contact me with questions, right now email ( and Remind are two best ways. Next week, we will also have the option to use Microsoft Teams (more info below and to come)
    3. Please use this week to be sure you can access the needed sites (see below). I will be adding a practice lesson later this week. It is completely optional, but I would really like your help with feedback on what works well and what you have issues with, so we can fix them this week. I will send a remind when it posts
    4. Please be sure you have joined the correct remind (3rd, 5th and 6th periods should be in Castor Sci (@castor-sci) and 4th period students should be in Castor EE (@castoree)

    For next week,

    1. you will need access to Google-Classroom (same as we have used all year, but log in may be a bit different your first time checking from home – so see the document Google classroom Log-in Info”
    2. You will have assignments each day posted in google classroom. They will be posted by your regular class times – most will be posted earlier, but in the future, we will have synchronous meetings – where you will need to be online for the specific class period to meet and interact in real time.
    3. I will have set office hours M-F 9:30-10:30 for you to talk to me or ask questions about items. For office hours and for some future lessons, you will need to be able to access Microsoft Teams – so see the document MS Teams log-in and try to get that set up and ready for yourself.

    Computer Pick-up Info – see county website for most up to date info

    The district has added evening hours for laptop pick-up from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Laptop pick-up also will be available on Wednesday, March 25th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Chromebooks will be distributed via drive-thru service in the car-rider line at your child’s school.

    Other important details about the distribution include:

    • Each Chromebooks will be disinfected before being distributed.
    • For record keeping purposes, Chromebooks must be retrieved from the school that an individual student currently attends. This means that families with multiple students in CCS may need to travel to more than one school to pick up Chromebooks.
    • When picking up a Chromebook, families will be given an Appropriate Use Agreement that outlines terms of use and repair costs if damaged.


Contact and Remind Info

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    Remind sign-ups:       

    My 8th Grade Science code is:              @castor-sci

    My Earth and Environmental  code is:   @castoree

Ms. Beth Castor



Degrees and Certifications:

NC Teacher Certified
M.Ed. Middle school science,Leslie University
BS Biology, Northeastern University

Ms. Beth Castor

General Class Info

  • My web page will be updated weekly with class information, useful documents, notes and links. Students will receive all of this information in class, but this is a place for everyone to keep track of our science progress

    Supplies needed for my class:  a marble composition book, a pocket folder, notebook paper, pencils, highlighters, glue or tape, and color pencils should be with you every day. You will probably need a second composition book for 2nd semester.

    If you check out the "Class Documents" section of this web page, you will find lots of useful information, including some class notes, vocabulary lists and project or any lengthy homework directions. You can find the "Class Letter" that also reviews how to get extra help and late and missed work policies.



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