This Week in Class

  • Week of 1/13/2020

    Reminder: The quarter will be ending quickly, so PLEASE check on your grades via Poweschool and complete and turn in any missing items. Last day for late work for this quarter is Friday, Jan 17th. Remember that for any assignments that you complete late electronically, you must also turn in a piece of paper with your name and the name of the assignment you need re-graded (ex: “First, Last; Regrade Periodic Table Quizlet”).

    8th Classes will continue to discuss how scientists study Earth’s past and what evidence they use to develop their current theories. We will finish up discussing fossils and move into continental drift and the theory or plate tectonics.

    EE Class will be continuing to study Earth’s History. We will focus on finishishing earthquakes and faults, then we will move into Volcanoes, weathering and erosion.

    EE Assignments:

    1. Quizlet: Earthquakes – Due Tues 1/14
    2. Quizlet: Volcanoes – Due 1/17
    3. Finding the Epicenter 1 – Due 1/13
    4. Epicenter Gizmo – Due 1/13

    8th Assignments:

    1. Ice cores Map – Due 1/15
    2. Pangea Gizmo - Due 1/21
    3. Plate Tectonics Gizmo –Due 1/22

Contact and Remind Info

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    Remind sign-ups:       

    My 8th Grade Science code is:              @castor-sci

    My Earth and Environmental  code is:   @castoree

Ms. Beth Castor



Degrees and Certifications:

NC Teacher Certified
M.Ed. Middle school science,Leslie University
BS Biology, Northeastern University

Ms. Beth Castor

General Class Info

  • My web page will be updated weekly with class information, useful documents, notes and links. Students will receive all of this information in class, but this is a place for everyone to keep track of our science progress

    Supplies needed for my class:  a marble composition book, a pocket folder, notebook paper, pencils, highlighters, glue or tape, and color pencils should be with you every day. You will probably need a second composition book for 2nd semester.

    If you check out the "Class Documents" section of this web page, you will find lots of useful information, including some class notes, vocabulary lists and project or any lengthy homework directions. You can find the "Class Letter" that also reviews how to get extra help and late and missed work policies.



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