Mrs. Deanna Jones



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Middle Grades Science concentration

Mrs. Deanna Jones

Welcome to 6th grade!  I am the science teacher for the Mars Hill Mountain Lion Team.
This will be my 20th year teaching sixth grade and the start my 11th year at MPMS.  Previously I taught at NW Middle and completed student teaching at Beverly Hills Elementary.
I attended UNC-Chapel Hill for 2 years and graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in education.  I also have an additional middle grades science degree from RCCC.
Daily schedule:
9:00 - 9:10  Homeroom/Attendance
9:15 - 10:13 1st period Science
10:16 - 11:16 2nd period Science
11:19 - 12:48 3rd period Science   Lunch 11:55 - 12:20
12:48 - 1:51 4th period Science 
1:56 - 2:43 - 5th period Professional Development and planning time
2:43 - 3:27 - 6th period Team Planning/Meetings
3:32 - 4:00  Venture  (Study Hall/DEAR/7 Habits training)

To Schedule a conference:   If you would like to meet with your student's teachers, you must call Mrs. Taylor in the office at 704-260-6530.  Meetings should not be scheduled through emails or written notes to individual teachers.  

Getting make up work for students who have been absent:  It is always the student's responsibility to ask each teacher for his/her make up work upon returning to school.  Please don't email the homeroom teacher for make up work, as s/he cannot gather up the work from all the other teachers your child sees in a day. Refer to the student handbook for more details on this topic.

A word about Extra credit>  Individual extra credit is NOT offered. Please see my Policies, Procedures & Ettiquite given to you at the beginning of the year.
Please see updated policy below for grading.
  • Pennies for Patients

    What if $10 could buy a cure or provide medicine a child needs to beat cancer?  If there are enough of them, IT WILL!!

    Pennies for Patients will bring out the HERO in your student as s/he makse a difference for kids fighting blood cancer.  Thank you for empowering and encouraging them!

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How to ...

  • 6TH GRADE SCIENCE Grading Policy:

    Daily Assignments/Activities, Labs, SWYK’s, Homework will count 1 time

    Science Teacher-Made Benchmarks will count 1.5 times

    Tests and Projects will count 2 times

    Regardless of excuses, homework is due on the due date given and is due at the beginning of class. 5 points will be deducted each day it is late.

    Students will get 3 days to make up work and tests from an absence REGARDLESS of how many days they are absent. After the 3rd day, it will be considered “Late”

     *Coupons and points may be added to any science grade.

     Students are allowed to see teachers during Venture days for “help/remediation” on material s/he is struggling with.  The key is for THE STUDENT to go to and ask the teacher for help. We cannot help if we don’t know there is a problem. 



     Ms. Eudy and I regret to inform you that we will no longer offer opportunities for students to retake weekly SWYK's, Quizzes, or Unit Tests. After careful observation of students and reflection on the first three of our 7 habits of Effective Teens that we will be studying a great deal during 1st semester:

    1. Be Proactive - taking responsibility & planning ahead
    2. Begin with the End in Mind - setting goals and working towards them
    3. Put First Things First - spending time on what is important, learning to prioritize

                We believe that we are not encouraging these habits by allowing retake opportunities to students. They are beginning to show signs of not buying into these habits as we are observing a mindset of "it is okay if I don't prepare or do what I should do for myself, my teacher will give me a second chance". Life doesn't always offer second chances, nor do other teachers. We don’t want to set them up for future failure where this is concerned.  We have also observed students miss more than 3 questions and purposely miss the rest of the questions so that they can see the feedback and answers and do it over. This was not the intention of offering students the opportunity to retake assessments. We offered these opportunities in hopes of allowing students to review and remediate the areas of weakness they find. We also found that students did not take proper advantage of the opportunities to retest by either choosing to not retake or choosing not to prepare for the second assessment.

                We already have other opportunities in place for students to add up to 10 points to any grade. Please help your child develop study habits that will best prepare them with the 3 habits listed above. This will be most beneficial to their future success. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We will continue to work hard each day in the best interest and for the success of our students.


    Warmest Regards,

    Mrs. Jones


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