Mr. Scott Burleson

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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Education from UNC-Chapel Hill 1992

Mr. Scott Burleson

A 1988 MPHS graduate and a 1992 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate who is honored to impact his hometown evirons as a high school English teacher and football coach. All three of my children have attended/are attending MPHS... there's no better place to be!

Class Information

  • Welcome To Mr. Burleson's English Classes!
    We're excited to welcome you back to Mount Pleasant High School!
    Parents and Students,
    Let's Get this First Semester Rolling!
    We're excited about having you back to MPHS! During this first semester, Sophomore students have completed Denial of Rights Unit and completed their Unit assessment. Students will have the opportunity to complete test corrections this Thursday. Sophomores are presently engaged in Society's Impact Upon the Individual which includes Ibsen's A Doll's House, as well as other similar texts. Following the completion of this unit, we will hone in on the strategies and understandings of the NC English II EOC. This is the most difficult EOC of any other EOCs. Please encourage your students to focus upon the strategies that can definitely help them.
    Mr. Burleson's 1st Semester Schedule:
    1st Period: English II
    2nd Period: English II
    3rd Period: Planning
    4th Period: Honors English II
    Starting this week we will be doing structured tutorials as usual for the new Power Block Schedule. The days are as follows:

    Mondays - Ist block tutorial

    Tuesdays - 2nd block tutorial

    Wednesdays - Workday Wednesdays

    Thursdays - 3rd block tutorial

    Fridays - 4th block Tutorial

    Events in Mr. Burleson's Class:

    English II - Students will be dwelling into four major units in preparation for the North Carolina End-of-Course Test. We will combine reading strategies, vocabulary, effective writing strategies
    Honors English II - Honors students will incorporate the four major units to prepare for the NC EOC English II Exam. Honors students will also be responsible for a world research project as well as an Independent Reading Project. More information will be provided closer to the start dates.
    Also Parents: Know that we use the learning management system, Schoology, in our classroom. If you would like access Schoology, please email me at; I will then send you a personal code that will connect you only to your son/daughter's work. 

    Honors English II

    This page is designed to offer deep understanding of what is encountered in the "Honors" level course that often is not a standard part of the regular courses. This will include what to expect throughout the course and what extensions an honors student will receive in this class that are not utilized in the general level class. If you have questions regarding the following, please contact me via email at any time:


    Curriculum Content

    Honors English II is a course designed to further prepare the college-bound student with the critical thinking, analytical, reading and writing skills necessary for post-secondary success.  The curriculum focuses on global literature and texts, primarily from the Eastern Eurpean region, along with: Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.

    Throughout the course, students will read the majority of our course texts outside of class (a regular course includes more close and guided reading in class). They will work independently and collaboratively during class, thinking critically: to determine author’s purpose, evaluate the effectiveness of specific textual details, and to make thematic connections between all texts within each unit. Students will learn in a variety of methods including (but not limited to) independent reading comprehension, thought-provoking activities, class discussions,  research, projects, and group work.  A collaborative PBL (Project-Based Learning) task will highlight the end of a major unit of study in Holocaust literature and film (this rigorous PBL is not included within the 'regular' English II courses in this form).

    Standards and Objectives

    Honors English II develops mastery in language analysis and critical reading.  These skills are essential for success at the Honors English III and AP English Language and Composition level, as well as in college.  Writing in the argumentative, informational/expository, and narrative modes serve as benchmarks for written tasks throughout the course.  Students will also conduct research and incorporate their findings into digital media presentations for the class.

    Please see the North Carolina English II Description HERE.

    Click HERE to see the ENTIRE State Standards from K-12 and how English II fits into the progression.


    Curriculum Plan

    While the above links illustrate the North Carolina standards for English instruction, our local school district develops the curriculum for our classes.  We do this to ensure a guaranteed, viable, and rigorous curriculum for all students.

    Click here to access the Parent Curriculum Documents.

    Instructional Materials and Methods

    Honors English II has four thematic units: Human Rights; Societal Rights; Infringement of Human Rights; and The Power of Rights. In each unit, Honors students will read additional texts both in and out of class as well as increase class discussion time.

    These units are aligned with the sophomore Civics and Economics curriculum, and highlight the common themes across curricular texts.

    To understand a sample, approved state curriculum plan for this honors course, I have attached acomplete teacher lesson plan for a project-based learning experience exclusive to my Honors-level students below:

    Honors PBL Project Lesson Plan

    For comparative purposes, I have attached a lesson plan typically used in a regular English II classroom. Notice that the objectives still focus on the same "Theme" emergence and development goals as the more complex Honors PBL lesson (above) utilized.  Students in the regular class have their needs met through differentiated instruction and scaffolding where applicable:

    Regular English II Theme Lesson Plan

    A sample Unit Plan Overview related to the "Infringement of Human Rights" unit is linked here.  I personally wrote this curriculum and it has been adopted and published by the State Department of Public instruction for teacher-use.  It is a unit adaptable to all levels.  The lesson above is an Honors adaptation.

    Unit "Infringement of Human Rights"

    Additional Resources:

    Writing Skills

    The following pyramid illustrates the formative instructional differentiation in writing skills with students.  All formal writing assignments in English II and Honors English II are eligible for revision (consult teacher for details). Improvement is a direct product of revision. This chart illustrates the focus of skill: lower on the chart is where regular English II students normally begin and develop. As skills increase, the chart displays the focus of instruction / revision for advanced students (Honors students typically begin in the middle-to -upper portion of development).

    The English Curriculum uses a 50/50 percentage grade scale. Categories of Major Assignments (Major Assessments, Major Papers and Major Projects) total 50 percent of the classroom quarterly grade and Daily Assignments (Discussion, Homework, Quizzes, Daily Activities, Short Written Responses, & Creative Activities) total the other 50 percent of the quarterly grade. Each quarter final grade will equate to 37.5% of the final grade (both quarters total 75%). The Final Exam will create the final 25% of the student's grade. The Independent Research project will be the largest component of the course, followed by the Independent Reading Project components: each these three components will count individually the range of 15-20 percent of the assignment completion within the assigned grading periods. 

    Writing Skill Chart


    Reminders for Upcoming Events

    Turn in Supply Fee the first ten days of class
    Turn in CCS Documents signed by parents
    Mr. Burleson's Supply List:
    2-inch 3 Ring Binder
    5 Notebook Dividers 
    College Rule Notebook Paper
    A flash drive for final draft papers (if you already have one with enough space, don't buy a new one)
    Pens (Black or Blue) /Pencils
    4 Different Colored Highlighters 
    Parents: If you would like to donate classroom items (Kleenex and/or Hand Sanitizer would be greatly appreciated. 

Mr. Burleson's Class Schedule

  • Block 1

    7:15 – 8:37


    Block 2

    8:41 – 10:05


    Block 3

    10:09 – 11:31



    11:30 – 12:50

    Varies (see above)

    Block 4

    12:53– 2:15

    Honors English II

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