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Mrs. Debra Meyers

Phone: 704-260-6550 Extension 39155


Degrees and Certifications:

Highly Qualified: Middle and High School E/LA AIG Certified/GLEE Endorsement *UNCG-Educational Leadership *University of Nevada at Las Vegas/UNLV *Queens College:Flushing, New York-Elementary Education/Children's Literature *Adelphi University: Garden City, New York -English 7-12th Grades/Journalism minor New York Institute of Technology: Business Education *Wife*Parent*Animal Lover*Vegan*80s Rock*Classic Literature*Heavy New York accent stays*Love live music and concerts #MdDS Warrior

Mrs. Debra Meyers

Welcome to my teacher web page!  Please refer to this page for class information, uploaded documents, Home Base news and special instructions.  If you have any questions please send me an email at debra.meyers@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.
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  • *8th grade will come to school on Tuesday, June 9th.  Helios is from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  You will drive into the main car rider line, entering from Trinity Church Road.  You will stay in your vehicle.  Your child's team of teachers will bring your child's bag to the car.  You will need to prepare and bring for drop off the borrowed Chromebook and charger, library books, band instruments with first and last name labeled on the case, sports uniforms with first and last name labeled on the outside of a sealed bag, and any books from Mrs. Meyers's personal library. Your child's team of teachers will collect these items. All staff will have masks and gloves and practice social distancing. After the pick up and drop off exchange, you will leave the car rider circle. Again, no one gets out of the car. If during the process of organizing student's personal items, teachers discover items with no name or placed in a random locker,  those items will be placed on the Lost and Found rack, which will be located on the bus circle.  Cars will have to go to that circle to look for Lost and Found items.  Only one family at a time may search to ensure proper social distancing. Let's stay safe.


     All work for 4th quarter is due no later than Thursday, June 4th. There will be a PBL for all classes assigned from June 5th to the end of the school year.

    Students:  Please inform me ASAP if you did work and did not receive a "Collected" grade in PowerSchool.

    All Homeroom students must view and submit the Google Form. 

    Work Packet:  If you received a work packet mailed to your houw for E/LA and math, it said the packet was due May 18th and needs to be sent back to the school in the envelope provided for grading and credit.

    5/21:  Periods 3 an 6 students should be completing the poetry selections and then heading into the Satirical Captions assignment.  Do not forget to do the online Adapted Hamlet test.  Students receive credit no matter what the score.  Periods 4 and 5 students are working on the reserach paper based on two of the four novels read.  This paper counts twice in PowerSchool.  The Works Cited is basically completed for you depending on what novels you have chosen.  You need to just copy the information to your paper.

    5/17:  Periods 3 and 6 students are working on the following:  Adapted Hamlet Formal Assessment (Students receive credit just for doing it and turning it in regardless of the grade), "Oh Captain! My Captain!" 3 worksheets, "Mother to Son" and "Legacies" questions.

    AIG students should have turned in their corruption chart and Lord of the Flies projects and now will complete the MLA research paper they started last month.  Students who have kept on pacing have completed their heading and at least one body paragraph using one of the three novels at the time:  The Wave, Fahrenheit 451 or Animal Farm.  The next task is to creaate the introductory paragraph stating the thesis of "How Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."  Students will now choose another novel out of the 4 they have read and write the second body paragraph, conclusion and the Works Cited page.  A long time ago (perhaps in February or March) I handed out a hard copy of what my literary paper looked like as an example.  I have uploaded this example in Google Classroom along with the grading rubric and MLA links.

    5/13:  Periods 3 and 6 students should be working on the Adapted Hamlet formal assessment and poetry.  Please take a look at "We Didn't Start The Fire" assignment due June 1st.  You may work in pairs between periods 3 and 6 to go through history and complete the tasksThis assignment counts twice in the gradebook because there is a lot of research.

    Periods 4 and 5 students should have turned in their corruption chart today and complete their projects by Friday.  Take a look at the MLA research paper.  We have been working up to this all year.  The paper is to be counted twice in the gradebook.  You also have the song assignment "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.  You can get into pairs and reserach the people and places through history.

    All students and parents can go into PowerSchool and look at what has been collected.  If a student has not completed that assignment, he or she can go back and submit.  There will soon be a grade cut off point for report cards so please do your work in a timely manner to receive the most credit.

    5/11:  Lord of the Flies reader responses, corruption chart and project is due no later than Friday.  There is a pacing guide that if students  followed, there would not be any issue turning assignments in on time.

    Period 2 and 6 students should have completed 3 Adapted Hamlet assignments and now can do the Formal Assessment and transition into poetry by reading "Mother To Son."  All assignments should be completed by due dates and in order.

    5/6:  Periods 3 and 6 students have 4 assignments for Hamlet.  Students had to respond to the questions, create a character resume, watch a live performance that I uploaded and submit the ABC squares and take the formal assessment using a Google form.  Students may use the play to respond to the questions.  Poetry is next.


    Periods 4 and 5 students have a pacing guide to complete their Lord of the Flies blogs, and reader response questions.

    5/2:  Periods 3 and 6 students are working on the Adapted Hamlet assignments.  The first assignment was to read the notes about a tragic hero, drama/play, and then read the play.  Students are to respond to the questions by restating the question, providing a response and use correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.  There are 39 questions which is why I have allowed extra time to complete this assignment.  The second Hamlet assignment is to create a Character Resume/Synopisis Portrait.  I provided an example that I made using the Ghost of King Hamlet.  The template that I used is from a pet resume so I uploaded that as well.  We will then get into some poetry.


    Periods 4 and 5 students are reading Lord of the Flies and working on a blogging project.  Students who were with me before we left have the novel (it is also uploaded and online), chosen groups or decided to work on their own, have a pacing guide and short assignments or graphic organizers to complete, will complete a courruption chart after the projext is submitted and then we will complete the research paper.


     Students: Download the Remind App.  Text message @8helios to 81010.


    Appropriate commincation and conduct is expected on all learning and video platforms.

    Office Hours: 10:00-4:00 daily. Send me a message or add a private comment and I will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

    Google Classroom: All students will find their online work and videos in Google Classroom under the Distance Learning Topics tab.  I post lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mini-projects may have extended days from the previous week such as starting on a Friday and being due on a Tuesday.  Check due dates on the platform.

    Google Classroom Codes:  Sign in using st@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.  You do not need to have the st at school.

    Period 3: 7tbdtb2

    Period 4: a4apgcs

    Period 5: a4apgcs

    Period 6: yamyfai


    Remind App:  The Helios 8 Team will post 3 times a week in Remind to contact and touch base with our parents and students so please make sure you download Remind and text to 81010 the message @8helios.  You should then receive our text messages.


    Digital Learning Guidelines Updated




    Parents:  Please make sure your child has a notebook for my class and pens or pencils. I am in need of tissues for the classroom, Sharpies (any and all colors), and new or used donations of the following novels:  Fahrenheit 451, The Wave, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and The Pigman. My novels are not in the best shape. I created an Amazon Wishlist link above if you felt inclined to donate to my classroom. 


    Loose-leaf binder, loose-leaf paper (college-ruled preferred), blue/black ink pens, pencils, purple grading pens, highlighters, earbuds/headphones

    Students may bring in and use for educational purposes only the following electronic devices:
    Phones, laptops, IPADS, or Kindle
    Mrs. Meyers is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.  Students may use the Chrome laptops in the classroom and save to Google Drive or WORD Online via Office 365.
    How to Sign Into Google Classroom from a Chromebook:  Parents do not sign into Google Classroom.  This is an online class for your teen!
    1.  Open laptop and sign in.  Your sign in is your first initial, last name.  The computer adds the st@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.
    Example:  dmeyers1234
    2.  Your password is the last four digits of your lunch number.
    3.  After logging in you will see the word APPS on the bottom left of your screen with icons.
    4.  Click the icons to the left of APPS and choose Classroom.
    5.  Plug in my teacher classroom number and you should be entered into the class.
    Our Standard Course of Study is broken down into the following units:
    Unit One: Agency and Independence-Launching the Reading Workshop
    Unit Two:  Memoir Writing
    Unit Two:  AIG-Soil and Water Public Speaking Contest:  Water . . .the Cycle of Life
    Unit Three:  Developing Analytical Reading Practices-Interpretation
    Unit Four:  Tackling Complex Texts
    Unit Five:  Literary Essay-Argumentative Writing  (MLA Format)
    Unit Six:  Nonfiction Reading
    Unit Seven:  Developing Critical Lenses for Informational Reading
    Unit Eight:  Informational Writing:  Research Paper (MLA Format)
    Unit Nine: Reading for High School/EOG Test Preparation
    All 8th Grade E/LA classes have the following weighted gradebook percentages:
    Formal Assessment/Projects/Tests/Research Papers     50%
    Informal Assessment/Multiple Day Assignments:  Quizzes 30%
    Classwork/Homework/Time on Task/Bellwork:  20%
    AIG Year-long theme:  How Does Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely?   Dystopian Literature Focus
    The Wave by Todd Strasser
    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    Animal Farm by George Orwell
    Lord of the Flies by William Golding 
    Literary Selections:
    Short Stories 
    "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes
    "The Tell-Tale Heart"  by Edgar Allan Poe
    "Charles" by Shirley Jackson
    "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
    Adapted Hamlet-READ magazine 
    The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs 
    "Oh Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman 
    "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
    "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou
    "Dover Beach" referenced in the novel Fahrenheit 451 (Periods 1 and 6) 
    "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes 
    "Grass" by Carl Sandburg
    "Cool Tombs" by Carl Sandburg
    "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost
    The Gettysburg Address-Abraham Lincoln
    "I Have a Dream" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
    Why the Waves Have White Caps 
    The Coyote Steals the Sun and Moon 
    Memoir Writing using SWAY
    Candy Research using Power Point
    Movies that correspond with our reading
    The Wave-two 30 minute parts shown on YouTube,  Very 1980s! (Periods 1 & 6)
    Fahrenheit 451-1967 version (Periods 1 & 6)  I wish someone would make a contemporary version.
    Animal Farm movie (optional)
    Lord of the Flies movie (optional)
    Short movie adaptation of "Thank You, M'am" (1971)
    The Monkey's Paw-modern adaptation adding a different ending.  I liked the old VHS version better. 
    Old black and white movie version of "The Tell-Tale Heart"
    Lifetime made for television movie adaptation of "The Lottery" with Keri Russell (1996)
    Dead Poet's Society with Robin Williams 
    DVD transfer from a reel to reel movie short movie version of "The Lottery"  (my favorite) Look for a young Ed Begley! (1967)
    The Book Thief-I show this movie to the stay back students not attending the Washington, D.C. trip. 
    Hamlet with Mel Gibson and Glen Close-End of the year after EOG testing and reading the adapted play. 
    The Great Gatsby-This is the 1972 movie with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.  This movie supports the social studies curriculum. 

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  • Plagiarism Statement:
    Plagiarism is a direct violation of intellectual and academic honesty.  While it exists in many forms, all plagiarism refers to the same act:  representing somebody else's work or ideas as one's own.  You are stealing from the original author.
    The most extreme forms of plagiarism include the following:
    *a paper written by another person
    *a paper obtained from a commercial source, or
    *a paper made up of passages copied word for word without using parenthetical citations.
    Other levels of plagiarism include the following:
    *changing a few words in a passage from another source without using parenthetical citations.
    *including ideas such as judgments, opinions, inferences, and experiments from another source in one'e own words without using a citation.
    *letting someone copy your homework or class work and turn it in as his.her own.
    *copying someone's research without giving credit.
    *copying from electronic library sources without acknowledging them.
    What Should You Do?
    If you are copying directly from background resources, copy the words exactly and put quotation marks around them and attribute the source.  This identifies your words and gives credit to the "official source."  Instead of quoting a scource, you may read through the material and ask yourself, "What is the main idea?" Once you have decided, you can write in your own words and then give credit to the source.
    Although often less obvious, the following are also examples of plagiarism.
    *using the words of a source too closely when paraphrasing.
    *building on the ideas, opinions, or theories taken from another source and not giving that source credit.
    Consequences for plagiarism will be determined by the teacher and Administration.
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