Mr. Jeff Yeargin

Phone: 704-260-6630 ext 42539 2nd Period Planning


Degrees and Certifications:

Spanish Language and Literature NCSU 1986

Mr. Jeff Yeargin

1st Period Curriclum night meeting link  6:00-6:10
2nd Period Curriculum night 6:12-6:22
3rd Period Curriculum night meeting link  6:24-6:34
4th Period Curriculum night meeting link  6:36-6:46
5th Period:  6:48-6:58meeting link(for anyone who missed the original time) 
1st Period Office Hours:  M-Th 7:45-8:10
3rd Period Office Hours:  M-Th 1:25-1:50
4th Period Office Hours:  M-Th 1:50-2:15
1st Period Live Learning:  M-Th 8:35-9:35
3rd Period Live Learning:  M-Th 10:55-11:55 
4th Period Live Learning:  M-Th 12:25-1:25 
Hi, My name is Mr. Yeargin, and I will be teaching Spanish II this year. This will be my 21st year teaching.
I am proud to be an "Original Bull" and look forward to our 14th year of providing quality education to students.
I live in the Harrisburg community with my wife. We have 2 adult daughters, one who lives and works in London, and the other is a teacher in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro school district.
I graduated from North Carolina State University and have studied and traveled to various Spanish-speaking countries.  I have also had the opportunity to travel to other countries to learn about their language and culture.
I believe that any foreign language is beneficial to our students and our community. It is my goal to broaden my student's horizons beyond just our community, state, and country so they have a global understanding of our 21st century world.
Fall 2020/2021 Schedule
     1st Period:   Spanish II  Office Hours:  M-Th 7:45am-8:10am MS Teams Link
     2nd Period:  Planning
     3rd Period:  Spanish II  Office Hours:  M-Th 1:25pm-1:50pm MS Teams Link
     4th Period:  Spanish II  Office Hours:  M-Th 1:50pm-2:15pm MS Teams Link
Additional Office hours(communicate via Email/MS Teams chat)
      Friday  7:15am-8:30am and 1:30pm-2:30pm
Required classroom supplies for all classes:
 *Notebook binder
 *Loose leaf paper
 *Glue Stick
 *Coloring supplies(markers/color pencils)
 *Headphones/Ear buds for listening activities(must be able to plug into a computer)
Classroom supply needs-please consider donating!
*Kleenex tissues
*Hand sanitizer
*Glue sticks
*Construction paper
*Coloring supplies(markers/color pencils)
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