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    This is where information about classroom instruction, homework and upcoming events may be found.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by email, Class Dojo or phone (704) 260-6370 Ext. 30611.


Phone: (704) 260-6370 Ext. 30611


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degrees in Elementary K-6 and PreK-K as well as a Master's Degree in Special Education, Focus: birth through age 8.

Mrs. Lamberson Balevic

Mrs. Balevic Introduction Video

 I grew up in New Jersey and went to college at Marshall University in West Virginia.  I have been married to my husband Brad for 12 years and have a cat named Mittens (15 years old) whom we spoil!!  You will most likely hear alot about my little family as I use them for my writing examples in class.  This is my 17th year teaching Kindergarten at Winecoff Elementary School and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else....Go Leopards!!!  I love to run, watch/play basketball and read during my free time.  I would adopt every cat I find but am very afraid of large dogs.  I look forward to meeting my new studetnts in the fall and working with them and their families to make it the best kindergarten experience ever!!!!!

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    Reader's Workshop
    Workshop Focus
    We will complete Unit 1 in Reader's Workshop.  This unit, Routines, Habits, & Early Reading Behaviors, aims at helping kindergarteners begin the school year with the best possible start by focusing on procedures for working as a classroom community, phonological awareness, phonics, and early reading behaviors. Additionally, students will begin to develop an understanding of how reading works and foster a love for reading while listening to highly engaging texts with memorable characters, rich language, strong illustration-text connections.Expectations that readers have routines and procedures to follow will be reinforced in a workshop setting.  
    Fiction Elements: characters
    Non Fiction Text Features: N/A
    Oral Vocabulary: front cover, back cover, title, author, illustrator, tracking print, return sweep and end marks
    Shared Reading
    We will practice a weekly class poem to build our phonics skills, phonemic awarenes, reading vocabulary, fluency, concepts of print and reader confidence.
    We will focus on the following phonics skill: recognizing the letters of our own names.  We will identfiy the letter names, practice handwriting the letters and practice making the targeted sounds.  For exmple: /b/: Balevic or bat. 
    Word Study
    This week the students are very busy working with the following sight words: I, see, a, you, one.

    Please review all weekly sight words with your child in order to better prepare them for their word identification test given each Friday throughout the school year.  Anyone wishing to have the full list of sight words please contact me at school through phone, email or a message on Class Dojo.  Words the children have been introduced to thus far are: N/A


    Math Workshop

    Workshop Focus
    We will be completing Unit 2 in Math Workshop.  In this unit, teachers are introducing daily procedures and routines for Math Workshop. Students will begin to learn vocabulary in order to think and talk mathematically. It is important to establish daily routines that promote counting, identifying, sorting and building shapes, in order for students to have exposure to all things that are math related. Expectations that mathematicians have routines and procedures to follow will be reinforced in a workshop setting.
    Writer's Workshop
    Workshop Focus
    We will complete Unit 1 in Writer's Workshop.  This unit, Launching the Writing Workshop, aims at helping kindergarteners begin the school year with the best possible start.  It is designed to develop students’ identities as writers – feeling and acting like writers even when they are not writing conventionally.  Students will focus on concepts that writing conveys meaning. They will also learn procedures for working as a classroom community, writing independently, and working with partners.  Expectations that writers have routines and procedures to follow will be reinforced in a workshop setting.


    Earth Science: We will understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year.

    Forces and Motion: We will understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment.

    Matter-Properties and Change: We will understand how objects are described based on their physical properties and how they are used.

    Life Science: We will compare characteristics of animals that make them alike and different from other animals and nonliving things.


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    Class Schedule
    In kindergarten we believe in positive behavior.  Our goal is for students to take control of their own behavior and make good choices.  In order for each child to learn and be successful, we have ROAR rules for our classroom.
    ROAR Rules:
    Respect for everyone
    Obey all safety rules
    Act responsibly
    Ready to be my best
    Behavior Plan C
    Virtual Classroom Rules
    Behavior Plans A/B
    Students will receive ROAR tickets when demonstrating ROAR expectations and a warning with redirection/modeling of expected behavior before a consequence is given for an inappropriate choice.  Consequences will correlate to the infraction.  For a complete list of ROAR rules for other areas of the school please write, email, or call me after school.

  •                       alt. text   Suggested Daily Learning Extension Work  alt. text
    Monday Read and Practice Sight Words
    Tuesday  Read and Practice Sight Words
    Wednesday  Read and Practice Sight Words
    Read and Study for Sight Word Quiz Tomorrow
    This weeks focus words are:
    I, see, a, you, one
    Have a GREAT weekend!!! 

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    Upcoming Events and Announcements 
    Cub of the Month 
    An upcoming event for Winecoff Elementary students is the prestigious "Cub of the Month." This monthly tradition provides one student from each classroom the opportunity to be recognized by the teacher as well as by their classmates for their wonderful citizenship and academic dedication. To be selected for this honor a student must attend school regularly, complete academics to the best of their ability, possess character qualities that others may look up to, and demonstrate noteworthy school behavior. 


    Each child selected will have their picture displayed in the kindergarten hallway.  In addition, this year each student chosen will have their name announced on "Wake Up Winecoff" (our student body tv news).  TBD has been selected for "Cub of the Month" in the month of August!! 
    Happy Birthday!!!! 
    We have a special happy birthday wish for AJ in the month of September!
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