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  • Universal free breakfast and lunch will NOT be offered at Winecoff STEM Elementary School this year.  Click here to complete an application for free or reduced price meals.

  • CCS Attendance Policy During Plan C:  All remote instruction

     While we know nothing can take the place of face to face instruction, our students and teachers will be able to interact in “live” synchronous sessions. It is so important that your child be present and engaged during these sessions to receive the core instruction for the day, ask any questions, and interact with their peers and the teacher. These sessions will start promptly at 8:30am, Monday through Thursday each week. In order to officially track student attendance

    Monday-Thursday: Teachers will create a quiz/assignment for Remote Learning days for their homeroom class in Canvas.

    The quiz will be a one question asking, “Did you log in to Canvas today?

    Students must log in to the Homeroom course before 9am and answer the Homeroom quiz question.

    If a child does not log in to the Homeroom course before 9am and answer the Homeroom quiz question, he/she will be marked absent and an automated absence call will be sent home.  

    However, if a student completes his/her assignments, has two-way communication with the teacher, or logs-in to the homeroom course later and answers the quiz question, the student will be counted present.

    Due to these reasons, teachers will have 3 days to reconcile the attendance for a given class

    Friday:  Teachers will mark attendance by 2pm on Fridays.

    In order to be considered present, he/she must have two-way communication with the teacher or complete the assignments/expectations for Friday.  If the child does not communicate with the teacher or does not complete the assignments/expectations for Friday, he/she will be marked absent.

     Parents should submit an absence note within 2 days of a student’s absence electronically using the absence form located here and on our school website.

Last Modified on August 31, 2020