Mrs. Kim Baysinger

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Degrees and Certifications:

Granted a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA);Licensed by the North Carolina Board of Examiner's for Speech- Language Pathologists and Audiologists;Bachelor of Science, East Carolina University; Masters of Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2015 Cabarrus County Schools Exceptional Children's Teacher/Therapist of Excellence

Mrs. Kim Baysinger

Hello, and how do you do?! My name is Kim Baysinger, and I am one of two Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) serving Wolf Meadow Elementary School. Of my 30+ years of experience, twenty-eight have been right here at this magical place we like to call, "the Meadow"!  I also serve as one of Cabarrus County Schools' Lead SLPs .
Many folks at Wolf Meadow also know me as the drama coordinator.  I work with Wolf Meadow's STEAM teacher, Ms. Titley, and music teacher, Ms. Carroll, to produce Wolf Meadow's spring play.  This school year, we are excited to bring to the stage a musical titled, "The Magic in Me"!  Our target dates for performance are Thursday, March 12th (free evening performance for the community) and Friday, March 13th (two school-day performances for students and staff).  
Whether you have speech/language concerns regarding your child or a budding star on your hands, I'm happy to answer your questions!  I'm looking forward to seeing the "magic" unfold for your kiddos!

    The theme for Wolf Meadow this year is "Find your Magic here!"  Thinking about what makes this place so "magical", I keep coming back to the idea of "personality".  When I first interviewed with Cabarrus County Schools so long ago, I was fortunate to be offered a choice of two locations though site unseen.  With little to go on other than the knowledge that Wolf Meadow was an elementary school, I made my choice.  From my first drive through Old South and through Wolf Meadow's gates, I knew..I KNEW...THIS place was SPECIAL.  I've worked with so many staff members, members of the administration, parents and students who have felt the same thing.  But WHERE does that "personality" come from?  HOW has it remained throughout so many years and even to this day?  WHAT is this "magic" here at Wolf Meadow?  I am convinced it has everything to do with HEART coupled with COMMUNICATION...two attributes I hold dear.  Wolf Meadow has an ongoing sense of compassionate care coupled with integrity, and we double down on kind words and an intrisic belief in our students' ability to DO!  You may have your own perceptions that will richly add to my own thoughts.  Regardless, I'm glad you're here sharing this special place on your child's journey.  I know you'll feel the "magic" and that your child will feel it, be lifted by it and better prepared to find their own "magical" way of making the world a better place! 


    Phone: 704-260-6390, ext. 31126/ This is a shared extension with Kristi Bezy.  Please identify which of us you are contacting.

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