•  Our New Unit #3  Is The Solar System!


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  • Grading Policy :
     The Grading scale is 10 pt scale.
    100 -90 = A
    89-80    = B
    79-70    = C
    69- 60   = D
    59 -0     = F
    LATE POLICY: Late Work Policy
    If a student has not submitted an assignment on time, 
    1. The first day late is -11 pts,
    every day after that is additional 10 points off.
    2. All work must be turned in each 4.5 weeks.
    So No late work is accepted after the 1/2 way mark of each quarter.

Mrs. Wendy Moore

Phone: 704-2606490 ext 36609


Degrees and Certifications:

Early Ed. K- 6 and Science HQ 6-8

Mrs. Moore

   My name is Wendy Moore and I absolutely love teaching and especially Science.
    I am originally from Tampa, Florida. I came to North Carolina to attend Peace College and fell in love with North Carolina's beauty and loving people. I then continued my education  at UNC- Charlotte.  I have taught  in Charlotte/Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County for 20 years.This is my tenth year at Hickory Ridge Middle School. I have taught at both the Elementary and Middle School levels. I  am certified in K- 6 Education and Highly Qualified in Science grades 6th - 8th. I have fostered over 30 dogs for the local rescues in the last three years.
I have three Children, my oldest Child TaylorAnn is 22 and recently married her high school sweetheart and she is at UNCW for Fine Arts. My son Connor (20) is a sophmore at APP STATE and my youngest daughter Camryn (18) is a freshman at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I have been married to my husband Marshall Moore for 24 years.
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    Our Curriculum is as follows from the

    essential standards from the NCDPI website:

    *6P1: Understanding properties of waves of energy in Earthquakes, light, and sound.

    * 6P2: Understand the structure, classifications and physical properties of matter.

    *6P3: Understand characteristics of energy transfer and interactions of matter and energy.

    *6E1: Understand the Earth/moon/ sun systems, and the properties, structures and predictable motions of celestial bodies in the Universe.

    *6E2: Understand the structure of the Earth and how interactions and destructive forces have resulted in changes in the surface of the Earth over time.

    *6L1: Understand the structures, process and behaviors of plant that enable them to survive and reproduce.

    *6L2: Understand flow of energy through ecosystems and the responses of the population to the biotic and abiotic factors of their environment.


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