• Foreign Languages
    Spanish I 11412X0
    Spanish I teaches the student to read and write simple Spanish. The student learns to ask and to answer simple questions concerning various aspects of daily life. The student is encouraged to appreciate Hispanic cultures.
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
    PREREQUISITE: Rising 9th Graders - A or B in 8th Grade Math & A or B in 8th Grade English. No prerequisites for grades 10, 11, 12.
    Spanish II 11422X01
    Spanish II increases the student’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Vocabulary is expanded, and students are introduced to more complex grammar rules. Students participate in oral grammar drills and oral question and answer exercises. Appreciation for the Hispanic culture becomes more defined.
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
    PREREQUISITE: 11412X0 - Spanish I
    Spanish III 11435X0
    The student’s skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing increases. Vocabulary and grammar concepts are reviewed and expanded. Spanish literature is introduced.
    1 Quality Point
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 10-12
    PREREQUISITE: Minimum B in Spanish II
    Spanish for Health Occupations: Honors 11435X0CHC
    This course is a response to the incredible need across the county and the nation for healthcare professionals with the ability to interact with patients in languages other than English. Students enrolled in this course will benefit from the specialized terminology and conversational skills they develop when they apply for work and likely on a daily basis in their careers in the medical field.
    1 Quality Point

    This course does not replace Spanish III (Honors), however, as a third level language course, it should maintain an honors level of academic rigor and student should receive honors level credit for successful completion of the course.
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 10-12
    PREREQUISITE: Spanish II (or Native Speaker)
    Spanish IV 11445X0
    This class is taught in Spanish. Students learn to express opinions and feelings. Hispanic culture is presented through literature, the arts, and history. Grammar is taught as needed.
    1 Quality Point
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 10-12
    PREREQUISITE: Minimum B in Spanish III
    Spanish Language AP 11457X0
    Advanced Placement Spanish Language encompasses aural/oral skills, reading comprehension, grammar, and composition. The objectives of the course are for students to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish, to develop a strong vocabulary and a grasp for structure to easily read Spanish writings, to compose passages in Spanish and to develop the ability to express ideas orally with accuracy and fluency. An AP exam follows completion of the course.
    2 Quality Points
    CREDIT: 1TYPE: Advanced PlacementGRADE: 11-12
    PREREQUISITE: Minimum B in Spanish IV
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