• Mission Statement

    We will value, teach, and empower each student in a culture of educational excellence.

    Our Vision
    To produce globally competitive lifelong learners through rigorous and relevant curriculum taught by highly prepared visionary teachers who recognize the importance of engaging a diverse body of learners.
    To provide 21st Century resources through responsible and efficient use of funding.
    To ensure success for all students in safe, inviting, and healthy learning communities by building upon a foundation of stakeholder support and caring/respectful relationships.

    We believe in….
    Education of the whole child.
    Personalized educational approaches for each child.
    Caring and respectful relationships.
    Safe, motivating, and inviting learning environments.
    Integrity and honesty.
    Parent and community partnerships.
    Fiscal responsibility and efficient operations.
    Data-driven decisions.
    Achievement of success and educational excellence.

Last Modified on August 12, 2019