• PBIS Overview


    PBIS focuses on creating and sustaining school-wide, classroom, and individual systems of support that improve the educational environment for all children.  Our aim is to explicitly teach behavioral expectations and then recognize the positive behaviors shown by students.


    By implementing PBIS, we hope to reduce school and classroom behavior disruptions and educate all students about acceptable school behaviors.  Our PBIS implementation plan includes clearly defined outcomes, research-validated practices, supportive administrative systems, and information for problem solving behaviors.


    All staff members at Bethel Elementary School will establish regular, predictable, positive learning and teaching environments.  The staff members will serve as positive role models to students as they teach expected school behaviors.  Our school also has a system in place for recognizing and rewarding expected behaviors through PAWS points and PAWS tickets. 


    School Vision:   

    The vision of Bethel Elementary School is to empower students to develop a passion for learning by:

    • Providing a nurturing environment where students and staff are excited and challenged to learn.
    • Preparing life long learners through the use of 21st century resources.
    • Promoting the academic and social well being of all students by involving parents and the community.


    School Pledge: 

    Bethel is the place to be,

    We show Respect and Responsibility,

    Practicing Safety at every turn,

    Coming to school Willing to Learn,

    You say Bethel, we say Bengals



    GO BETHEL!!!!!


Last Modified on September 16, 2016