• Patriots

    Vision Statement

    Patriots STEM Elementary will become a leader in STEM education and empower students and teachers to maximize their potential.         

    Mission Statement

    Patriots STEM Elementary will work with families and the community to meet the diverse needs of our students by engaging learners with a current and challenging curriculum to promote collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation so that they are prepared to enter a globally competitive world.


    Shared Values

    Every Student has the ability to learn and will be encouraged and challenged in a safe and calm environment in order to meet the needs of all students. Students have unique talents and interests that should be utilized, celebrated, and merged with our learning environment. Higher expectations promote higher student achievement. All employees will work collaboratively to meet the needs for educating all students and work toward continuous growth. Students and staff will understand, celebrate and respect cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. The success of students is a shared responsibility of the school, parents and community.

    School Hours
Last Modified on November 9, 2020