• SIT Team Members
    SIT Chair -  Erica Walker 
    Alison Moore - Principal
    Traci Davis - API
    Dorothy Wilkins - AP
    Adrienne Parker - Technology Facilitator
    Rachel Steiner - Media/Special Area

    EC- Ann Lewensten
    K- Jennifer Anderson, Kara Sullivan
    1- Brynn Means
    2- Abby Wheeles
    3- Deb Bullin
    4- Anne Merkel
    5- Christa Mooney
    Counselor-  Jennifer Sinclair
    TA Rep- Nancy Lechner
    Cox Mill is a kindergarten through fifth grade public school built in 2002.  We are located in Concord, NC.   We are neighbors with the Christenbury, Highland Creek, Skybrook  Subdivision and within close proximity to Concord Mill Mall and Lowes Motor Speedway.  Cox Mill consists of a diverse population of 1279 students. The ethnic breakdown of our student body is made up of 4.7 % Hispanic, 16.2 % black, 58.3 % white, 0.2% American Indian, 0.4% Hawaii Pacific, 15.9% Asian and 4.4 % multi-racial. 
Last Modified on February 23, 2017