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    Student Services




    • I have classroom concerns, grades, progress reports, etc. or I would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a teacher


    • I have a question about rules, behavior expectations, etc. 
      • Sherry Lee:  7th Grade Administrator Intern


    • I notice changes or have concerns about my child’s behavior or I want to schedule a team meeting with my child's core teachers 
      • Allison Egbert: 6th Grade Counselor
      • Michelle Kessler: 7th Grade Counselor
      • Anne Gresko: 8th Grade Counselor 


    • Attendance, Change / Update Contact Information, or I need help logging into Parent Portal


    • Health Concerns / Provide Medication 

    • Registration / Volunteerism
      • Contact the Front Office Staff - (704)-260-6470


Last Modified on October 8, 2018