• Meredith Jones, School Nurse - RN, BSN

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    It is important to remember that good physical and mental health are essential for every child's educational development and achievement.  In addition to serious health conditions there are many other health reasons for a student's lack of success in the classroom including lack of sleep, poor nutrition (skipping meals or not eating healthy foods), not enough exercise or activity and even stress or worry about personal problems.  It is the goal of the school nurse to work with teachers and community agencies to help your student be successful durinig his or her educational career.
    FYI for a healthy school year:
    * Get at lease 8 hours of sleep at night
    * Eat breakfast
    * Take medicine if needed for colds and other aches and pains before school
    * Wear clothes appropriate for the weather
    * Carry a back pack on both shoulders, don't carry more than 30% of your weight
    *WASH HANDS before eating, after using the restroom, after coughing, blowing nose or sneezing
    * Exercise every day
Last Modified on December 18, 2015