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The National Honor Society of Cox Mill High School

The National Honor Society is the leader among organizations and societies that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, and service.
To become a member, juniors must have a weighted GPA of 4.2 or higher, have at least 10 hours of documented community service within the current calendar year, must participate in at least 1 out of school activity, adequately show leadership qualities through teacher recommendations and have no out of school suspensions or 3 separate incidences of in school suspension during high school. Each April, students who qualify will be invited to complete the selection process.
Members participate in monthly meetings and community service projects. For information updates you should "Like" us on Facebook!

Adviser: Jamie Delp


Projects and Activities

New Member Candidates meeting Thursday 4/28/17 at 2:15 in the media center.
Candidate materials due by Thursday 5/11 at 2:30pm.  No late materials will be accepted.

Induction ceremony practice 5/22 at 2:15 all required to attend.
Induction ceremony 5/31 at 6:00 all required to attend.
  • The Community Center Blood Drive will be held on Wed. Dec. 14, 2016.  Our goal is 100 units of blood. Students and the community are invited to donate.
  • NHS members provide "treats for teachers" in April.
  • Our final project for the year will be to assist the CMES staff on their field day in April.

Remaining Meeting Dates for 2016-2017

May 31- Induction Ceremony for 2017 members at 6:30pm in the auditorium  (REQUIRED) 

2016-17 NHS Members Cox Mill High School

Andrews Keys
Archibald Samara
Bannister Carson
Barnard Ashley
Baughman  Jaden
Brice Angelica
Bridger Hannah
Bridges Nia
Bula Blanco Paola
Calloway Sally
Carder Savanna
Carr Reagan
Channell Allison
Coccaro  Kylee
Costiniano Jianna
Delgrosso Jamie
Ellis Brianne
Epstein Caitlin
Ezzell John
Foster Sannan
Frantz Allison
Frost Bronwyn
Frost Olivia
Gee Nicholas
Goldner Alyssa
Goodwin Braden
Greenhall Madison
Grewell Ty
Hall Maelanie
Ham Colin
Hatcher Jordan
Hinic  Jonathan
Hobgood Lauren
Holland Madison
Hollis  Bryan
Houghton Samantha
Jesen Louis
Johnson Calia
Jones Melanie
Kelly Joseph
Kessler Gwenyth
Kocher Michael
Lawson Kiara
Long Scott
Lord Savannah
Lovelace Gloria
Ma Zhongke
Malmstrom Connor
Milum Claudia
Minnick Bailey
Ownbey Nicholas
Pagunuran Giselle
Patterson Caroline
Peele Emily
Perkins Mary
Pestyk Morgan
Phadnis Ishaan
Pollock Hannah
Powell Alicia
Probert Clayton
Rabinowitz Benjamin
Riano Nicolas
Roach Margaret
Rogers Cathleen
Ryan Jacob
Sanchez Madison
Smith Kayla
Smith Kayleen
Snyder Justin
Spasojevic Strahinja
Stark Paige
Taylor Joshua
Thompson Chase
Tietz Allison
Tobar Nicolas
Uchil Sharanya
Vacek Grier
Wallace Iyanna
Whalen Connor
Williams Kaaran
Young Connor

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Junior Marshalls

We would like to congratulate the following students for serving as our 2017 graduation Junior Marshals.

Archibald, Ahlina Catherine

Bell, William Franklin

Chen, Wenyu

Columbus, Brycen Thomas

Erninti, Venkatesh

Holt, Maxwell Anthony

Laubach, Jordan Taylor

Mehta, Shaun Darshy

Nikulsin, Anton

Punekar, Atharva Ashish

Rhew, Kalee Ann

Sullivan, John Francis

Taylor, Gillian Michal

Watson, Hannah Grace

Weber, Courtney Jo

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