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    Counseling and School Social Work

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Our services....

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    Student Support Services, al
    so referred to as Specialized Instructional Support Personnel(SISP), are professionals in the school setting whose services include prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families. Members of the team  provide direct services for all children and youth, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to learning. Direct services are provided through education, counseling, consultation and individual assessment. We also provide in-service training, parent education, community collaboration and student services case management.(NCDPI)

  • If you are experiencing any of the following:

    Immediate Emergency: Dial 911

    Behavioral Health Crisis: Call Mobile Crisis 866-275-9552

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 to connect to a crisis counselor

Remote Counseling Services for Plans C

  • Confidentiality Statement:

    CCS Student Services Team members are here to support students and staff through academic and social emotional growth. We are a critical part of the CCS team. As we navigate through virtual learning, we wanted our CCS families to be aware that we may be able to provide some supports virtually. Please remember that we always adhere to our professional guidelines and ethics for practice (NC Department of Public Instruction, NASW, NASP, and ASCA), whether we provide these services face to face or virtually. We want our families to understand that we are bound to our confidentiality guidelines.

    Our interaction and conversations with students are confidential unless a student discloses harm to self, harm/threat to others, and harm and mistreatment to a vulnerable child or adult. Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists may be in contact with students through Teams or other voice formats. Parents who are opposed to engaging supportive counseling for their children may contact their principal to opt out of such support.


    Student/Parent Expectations:

    1. Be sure you or your child has CCS email address and password in order to access Teams. Here are basic directions on how to join the Teams online class meeting.
    2. We ask that students be in a stable location (not driving, walking around, etc.).
    3. Students should be in a private location. We encourage students to use headphones for privacy if preferred.
    4. Students can be in view of camera from neck up only (wearing appropriate clothing, not lying in bed, engage in activities, etc.).
    5. Younger children may benefit from greater parental involvement to help understand the technology and content discussed.
    6. Parents and students in remote locations (not at home for example) should be prepared to offer their location if needed.  

School Counseling Program


    Our School Counseling Program:

    • We are uniquely trained in child development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills.
    • We provide education, prevention and intervention integrated into all aspects of children's lives.
    • We are an integral component of the school's academic mission.
    • We recognize and respond to student mental health needs and assist students and families seeking resources.
    • Driven by student data and based on standards in cognitive, career and social emotional development.
    Direct Services:
    • Individual and Group Counseling within a Trauma-Informed Practice
    • Integration of the Guidance Standard Course of Study in the school setting
    • Individual student planning and goal setting
    • Advocate for student well-being
    • Responsive services
    • Mediate conflict

     Indirect Services:

    • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, the school community and community agencies and resources
    • Referrals for assistance
    •  School Counselor, not Guidance Counselor

School Social Work Services

  • School Social Work:

    • Is a specialized area of professional practice in the broad field of social work
    • Provides the vital link between the home, school and community
    • Helps students increase academic success, cope with crisis situations and improve attendance
    • Emphasizes early intervention and positive behavioral interventions

    School Social Workers:
    • Are trained and qualified to analyze barriers to learning and achievement
    • Promote the academic mission of schools by fostering educational environments  that are safe and have supportive, fair and responsive policies

    To learn more, visit the CCS school social work website.

     (from NCDPI)
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