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    The mission of the Cox Mill High School Media Center, an integral part of the total school program, is to enhance every student's learning experience by providing diverse resources, information technology and collaborative instruction that supports the curriculum, our teachers, and most importantly our students.                                

    Mrs. Joan Milliken, Library Media Coordinator       Meet Mrs. Milliken
    Email: joan.milliken@cabarrus.k12.nc.us
    Phone: 704-652-4558

     GENREFICATION is Completed!

    We have Changed…   The fiction section is now reorganized by GENRE: this means that books from the same categories will be grouped together.

    This will help you find quickly books that you like without searching the entire fiction section. Each section is arranged alphabetically by author’s last name.

    The genre categories in our library are: Graphic Novels, Classics, Horror, Sports, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, LGBT, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Realistic Fiction. 

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  •       Information Center     
    Students must SIGN IN when using the media center without a teacher.
    Recording data of how the media center is being used will provide vital information to assess the needs of our students and the library media center facility. Students may come ANY time before or after school, during lunch, during a flex block or with a pass from a teacher.  
    7:00 am - 2:30 * Monday - Friday
     *I try to open early (6:30- 6:45) almost every day
    Items may be checked out for 4 weeks.  Books should be returned when you are finished; others may be on the hold list.
    Students may print from any of the media computers; there is a ten cent (.$10) PER page charge for any black/white printing.
    Computers are for use at school to complete homework, class projects and assignments. They are not to be used for gaming, personal email, social websites or downloads. 
    Students should finish all food and drinks before entering the library media center. This includes powerbars, snacks, drinks, coffees, etc.
    Orientation Media Center Digital Breakout


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    Online Databases
          Click "CMHS Research Site" to access our online database collection. All databases are password protected, so ask your teacher or the media/tech. staff for passwords.  Destiny (online media center catalog does not require a password.
    • CultureGrams
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • Global Issues in Context
    • NC WiseOwl *including Student Resources in Context
    • Opposing Viewpoints
    • Science Resources in Context
     "We don't give grades or assignments, we help make them better".
    Access Destiny, our Media Center's  online catalog. Search the content websites related to your topics by using Web Path Express.


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