Welcome to the CMHS Social Studies department

  • We offer a diverse and growing selection of courses and are located primarily on the second floor. See below for a course and faculty summary. Faculty contact information can be found on our class websites.

    North Carolina Required Courses:
    World History (Standard or Honors)*
    Civics and Economics (Standard or Honors)*
    American History I (Standard or Honors)*

    American History II (Standard or Honors)*

    Elective Courses:  
    Multicultural Studies
    Advanced Placement Course Offerings

    World History
    US History


    Human Geography 


    Crystal Brewington
    B.A. History with Minor in Social Studies (UNC-Charlotte) 
    Allison Church
    B.S. Psychology (UNC- Greensboro)
    Mary Fontan
    B.A. Secondary Education (Clemson); Masters of Education (Columbia College)
    Sulayman Kadir
    B.A. History/Political Science (UNC-P); M.A. School Administration (Gardner Webb)
    Michael Kelly
    B.A. Political Science; M.A. Social Studies Teaching (SUNY–Stony Brook)
    John McNeil
    B.A. Social Studies Education (Pfeiffer)
    Kellie Pierrot
    B.S. Secondary Education (Bowling Green State University)

    Travis Redmond

    B.A. History, Political Science; M.A. Social Studies Education (Pembroke) 
    Justin Thomas
    B.A. History (UNC-Charlotte); M.A.T. Secondary Education (UNC-Charlotte)