• TEXT: Coding Club

Important Dates

  • The Coding Club will meet Wednesdays from 7:45-8:30AM, beginning October 5th, in Room 408

Welcome to Computer Coding

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    Congratulations to the new Coding Club members:

    *Jonah Porter  

    *Alexi Reign Dancel

    *Antony Voronov

    *Adhitya Venkat

    *Riley Wickramanayake

    *Aadyan Rahman

    *Callen Conner

    *Angela Zhang

    *Akshita Muniasamy Sasikala

    *Srivatsa Vajjala

    *Ryan Chataut

    *Bryce Golden

    *Aravind Prasanth

    *Kaydence Day

    *Tristan Hill

    *Zaim Sinclair

    *Arnav Pagadala

    *Akshay Varri

    *Emani Lott

    *Deren Thompson

    *Yuktha Jasti

    *Zac Kleban



    Our first meeting is this Wednesday, October 5th, at 7:45AM in Room 408.

    Please be prompt as we have many details to cover.



    ******* If you did not make the club this time around, please try again in January. *******