• We are excited to welcome lunch visitors back to Beverly Hills later this month!

    We will begin allowing visitors during lunch for 1st-5th grades on Monday, September 12. 

    Our Kindergarten students need a little more time to settle in with our lunch and cafeteria procedures, so Kindergarten visitors may begin coming in for lunch on Monday, September 26. 

    If you would like to eat lunch with your child, please let the teacher know in advance so we can plan accordingly.  Please see the lunch visitor guidelines listed below:

    Lunch Visitor Guidelines

    Checking In

    • All visitors will enter the building through the main entrance and proceed to the receptionist office to check in for lunch
    • All visitors must present a driver’s license or identification card to check in
    • After checking in, visitors will wait in the hallway until the child they are visiting arrives for lunch

    During Lunch

    • Visitors may eat with their child at the end of the class lunch table.  No other lunch buddies will be permitted to join
    • Please do not bring in food to share with classmates; visitors may only bring in food for their child
    • When the lunch time is over and the class lines up, the student will join the class

    Checking Out

    • Visitors may not accompany the class back to the classroom
    • Visitors will go back through the office to check out at the receptionist office