• Technology Tools in the Classroom
    Every classroom at our school contains a SMART board, video projector and ceiling mounted speakers. Our school also has a variety of technology tools for teachers to use with their class. These devices include; desktop computers, digital cameras, document cameras and microscopes, and SMART Response systems.

    Media Center
    Our media center has workstations for checking in/out of books.

    Mobile Laptop Carts
    Currently, our school has 23 mobile laptop carts. Grades 2-5th have one cart per classroom. 1st Grade has 3 carts and Kindergarten has 1 cart. Students and staff will be able to reserve these on an as needed basis.
    iPad Cart
    Thanks PTO! Our school's PTO purchased an iPad cart and 30 ipads for students to use. Staff are able to reserve these on an as needed basis.
    Computer Lab
    Our school has one desktop computer lab. The lab consists of a teacher workstation, a 70" HDTV, and 25 student workstations. The lab is used to teach reading, math and computer skills. Students and teachers also use the lab for multimedia projects, desktop publishing, whole-class internet access, and staff training. Teachers and students come to the lab during their scheduled times as well as signing up on an as needed basis.
Last Modified on July 20, 2017