• TEXT: National Junior Beta Club - Student Government

  • The Junior Beta Club at Hickory Ridge Middle School


    Membership for this organization is open to ALL 7th & 8th students meeting the criteria.


    As of August 4, 2022, school administration has decided that the EOG requirement mentioned in the already published documentation is NO LONGER REQUIRED. 



    Who is eligible to join the Beta Bite Academy for BETA Club Induction & General Membership?

    - ANYONE who meets the qualifications and designated expectations as outlined in the BETA Bite Interest & Membership Application is eligible. (See "How to Become a Member").


    What are the basic qualifications to join  Beta Bite Academy for Induction & General Membership?

    Candidates must..

    - have all As and Bs, all As or all Bs as a final cumulative grade for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    - complete a minimum of 3 hours of community service between August 1 & September 7.  (Use the community service forms in the Beta Bite Interest & Membership Application). Opportunities for Community Service are available once you officially join the Canvas Course. 

    - complete the Beta Bite Interest Forms and Application. (This form is now closed for 2022-2023)

    - sign up and complete all modules in the Canvas Course.  (This form is now closed for 2022-2023)

    - desire to be a student leader (this does not mean one has to run for office, leadership does not mean one has to be elected to do so).

    - having the will, heart, and follow through to serve and plan activities/ programs for the school and local community...(THIS IS A MUST).



    Is the BETA club the same thing as Student Council?

    YES... In our school, The BETA Club is (what was formally known as) Student Council. We are now The Hickory Ridge Middle School Junior Beta Club, Student Government. The BETA Club will function as the student council normally would...with a few more perks.


    Do I have to be a BETA member to run for Student Body President or another executive student office?

    YES...the student council at Hickory Ridge Middle School is now the BETA Club Student Government. Being affiliated with an established and well organized national organization such as National BETA provides many personal, academic, leadership, and community opportunities to members that would not be otherwise accessible to a student council that was not affiliated with this national organization. 


    Do I have to be in Beta Bite Academy to be part of The Hickory Ridge Middle School BETA Club?

    -YES. This is the membership criteria to be a candidate for national induction for The Hickory Ridge Middle School Chapter of the National Junior BETA Club Student Government. 


    What is Beta Bite Academy?

    -  Beta Bite Academy is a series of workshops that students will rotate through and complete after school (or designated time). These workshops are designed to introduce candidates to each other, to the history, and to the purpose of The National Junior BETA Club. The workshops will be engaging activities that encourage collaboration through team-building activities in order to set the foundation of family, friendship, and student leadership among potential Betas. 


    Other schools don't have Beta Bite Academy for their BETA Club...Why do we?

    -  We are not other schools...we are unique.

    -  All BETA Club schools, following the FOUR PILLARS of The National BETA Club, have the authority to create a culture, membership criteria, and program standards that are singular and appropriate to their school and student body.  

    -  One of the objectives of the HiRMS NJBCSG is to encourage and support "student self-governance and accountability." Learning  what one is accountable to before making a commitment is very important. 


    Do I have to run for a student office if I am a General Member?

    - NO...that is a choice for only those BETAs interested in being on the Executive Board of Student Officers. Interested BETAs will run for office in the schoolwide general election. Running for office is NOT A REQUIREMENT for General Membership.

    - ANYONE completing the Beta Bite Academy Membership class and meeting all requirements/expectations can and will be inducted as a GENERAL MEMBER. 


    Who decides on General Membership?

    -  A committee of faculty will oversee the process for general membership.  Mostly, the committee will check to see that students have completed the Beta Bite Interest Course on Canvas, instructions have been followed within their paperwork, and that all students who are seeking membership meet the criteria for induction. At no time will students have any part in general membership decisions.


    Is there a cap on the number of candidates who will be accepted?

    NO...not at this time. General membership will be granted to candidates meeting all requirements, expectations, and completing Beta Bite Academy. 


    Are there fees/dues...if so, what are they?

    National BETA Induction Dues = $24.00 (ONE TIME FEE ONLY)

    Chapter Dues (yearly) = $26.00

    Beta Bite & Induction BETA Gifts (optional but encouraged)= $40.00 (The sponsors will order designated gifts that will be given to students on the night of their induction).


    Are there scholarships available?

    YES, there is financial assistance for individuals experiencing a financial setback. Please click the link "Confidential Sponsorship & Scholarships" for more information on how to apply or support this fund.  We'd like for all eligible students to participate regardless of financial circumstances.  


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  • The objective of The Hickory Ridge Middle School Junior Beta Club Student Government is to:

    *   promote the values of the National Junior Beta Club (Good Character, Service,Personal & Academic Achievement, and Leadership) while enhancing and providing additional opportunities for HiRMS students to showcase their personal interests, talents and to become financially literate. 

    encourage, support, and require student SELF-GOVERNANCE & ACCOUNTABILITY in order for our students to be confident leaders, workers, decision makers, role models and positive game changers in their school  and in the community (with appropriate, yet minimal adult input -“guide on the side”).

    *  provide the foundational groundwork for the students to continue involvement and leadership in their high school chapter of the Senior Beta Club and other student-governed activities.



         The National Beta Club is a national academic honor society and service club that provides yearly scholarships and student opportunities for members who show a commitment to character, leadership, achievement in academics and personal talents, with a willingness to serve in the school and local community.


         Between Junior Beta (grades 4-8) and Senior Beta (grades 9-12), the organization has helped nearly seven million students learn how to make a life for themselves—and, since 1991, it has awarded over $6 million in scholarships.


         There are now more than 445,000 active members and more than 9,600 clubs nationally and internationally. It has become the nation's largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization.


         The Beta Club at Hickory Ridge Middle School is the governing student organization which will promote the values of the NJBC (Good Character, Service, Academic & Personal Achievement, and Leadership) while enhancing and providing additional opportunities for Betas to showcase their personal interest, talents and to become financially literate.  From this organization, students will be trained and mentored in leadership in preparation not only for life ahead of them, but  for a possible run for student office or to assist fellow Betas who are campaigning for student office. The entire school will vote on the best candidates to represent them as their liaison between students and administration.


         Although there are some universal requirements, each club has its own criteria for selection. The National Junior Beta Club Student Government at Hickory Ridge Middle School requires interested and current members to have an "A/B" cumulative average, and  school and local community service hours prior to and during membership. In addition to the national standards, The Hickory Ridge Chapter will require students to participate in “Beta Bite Academy” (beginning September 19) before being extended a formal invitation for National Induction. Invitations for the formal induction and installation of officers will only be extended to students completing the requirements of “Beta Bite Academy.”


         Candidates for the organization must be prepared to adhere to the Beta mission and learn to embrace and embody its four pillars: Good Character, Service, Academic & Personal Achievement, and Leadership.


        Consider applying for the Inaugural Beta Bite Academy class as the first step into The National Junior Beta Club. Applications and more information about membership can be found here on this page.