R. Brown McAllister STEM Elementary - Replacement

  • The replacement R. Brown McAllister STEM Elementary School will be built on the existing school site which consists of approximately 32 acres located at 541 Sunnyside Drive.  

    The building will be a multi-story facility designed for a capacity of 756 students, not to exceed an area of 120,000 gross square feet.  R. Brown McAllister is a Magnet STEM school and this facility will support grades K-5, including all EC, art, music, administrative and support spaces. 

    The new school will contain normal vehicle circulation, student drop-off, staff and visitor parking, bus drop-off/parking, multi-purpose outdoor space, playground facilities, pedestrian connectivity to the existing facility and future mobile classroom space.

    Off-site road improvements will be required as a part of this project and have been determined by the already completed traffic impact analysis study and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  The anticipated project scope is for a 5-phase, signalized intersection and associated striping for turn lanes.

    The project schedule has construction commencing in July 2022 with completion expected by late Spring of 2024 and the school opening in August 2024.

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  • A Neighborhood Meeting was held on April 28, 2022.

    This gave the community an opportunity to hear about the plans for the new school.

    Click here for the presentation that was used during the meeting.

    Also, here is a video showing a flyover view of the school.